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Being A Master of Love

January 4, 2010 0 Comments


Do you understand this?

To be a master of love.

That means that you self correct your judgments at the root when they arise.  Any thoughts of separation are shown as something less or greater then you.  Stand in the position that the collective consciousness (DIVINE CREATOR) dictates the way in which each of us become enlightened.

Otherwise, do not think that what is good for you is good for another, nor what is bad in your eyes is bad for another.  You have the power to streamline your life. The way you do it is to overcome the daily separation.  Then take on a goal and use the same mastery to empower yourself into completion.

·         There is always a way to BE the person you want to be today.
·         There is always a way TO DO what you want to do in life.
·         There is always many ways to HAVE what you want in life.

Run your life from reasons why not to and you will always be riddled with disappointments.
Run your life with focus and determination and you will succeed.  We all do!

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