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Los Angeles Dating: 3 Fall Season Dating Tips

May 18, 2012 0 Comments

When it comes to Los Angeles dating tips, we have tons of them.  It’s tricky to sometimes figure out what is appropriate to wear on a date if you are coming straight from work. Los Angeles dating shouldn’t be stressful.  Women need to heat up their looks when the first chill arrives.  Men need to know that wearing a sweatshirt hoodie is not acceptable on a date.  What else can we coach you on to make sure you are remembering our Los Angeles dating tips?  Check out our tips for Los Angeles dating for men and women now that Halloween slutty outfits are not on everyone’s minds.  Once you master these tips, you can meet a matchmaker to see if our services are right for you.  A dating service isn’t for everyone but it certainly helps out 90% of the singles out there.

Los Angeles Dating Tip #1:   los angeles dating

Ladies, here is a Los Angeles dating tip directed at you: as the first chill arrives, you need to heat up your looks!  Many women make the mistake of just throwing on a coat to keep warm.  That’s fine if you are on your way to the date.  Because you haven’t given your wardrobe much thought with Los Angeles dating, you might leave your coat on the entire date.  That’s a NO NO!  You need to look good so show some skin.  In addition to this Los Angeles dating tip, at the very least, take off the jacket when you are in front of him so he knows you aren’t fat, frumpy, or hiding a pregnancy under there.  Take it from us when it comes to Los Angeles dating tips, with the chill here, it’s time to let out the creativity…pair a dress with boots, new lipstick, put on some fitted leggings or anything that shows you’re not done for the Los Angeles dating season!

Los Angeles Dating Tip #2:

Men, here’s a Los Angeles dating tip for you.  As the holiday approaches, there is more on your plate and where do you find room to date?  In working with many guys in the Los Angeles dating world, we know the guys are trying to make finding a relationship a priority.  Men and women just handle multi-tasking a little differently…mainly women can and men can’t muli-task!  Men, we know you are focused on what is on your plate right now.  You aren’t thinking of asking that cutie out for this weekend because you are trying to get through Tuesday.  So, we know you like to do the last minute call Friday night to ask her out for Saturday night.  Hello?  Is that a plan for Los Angeles dating success?  NO!  You have to try something different this season!  Even with the holiday crunch at work, football season in full swing, snow sports beckoning and holiday travel, you have free nights and just need to call the gal that caught your eye with one to two options and ink it.  When that part is done, you will find that you can go back to your focused ways and focus on showing up and being a good dater.  If this is too much for you to plan, fill out a profile with us and let professional matchmakers take charge of your love life!  We would be glad to help and get you out there to navigate Los Angeles dating!

Los Angeles Dating Tip #3:

Just because the weather gets a little nippy, doesn’t mean you ignore this Los Angeles dating tip.  Your Los Angeles dating attitude about being single needs to follow suit!  There’s no bigger turn off than a negative attitude at this time of the year.  When the sun is shining and people are single, Los Angeles dating seems to be more cheerful about it and enjoy time with friends and that attitude makes them more attractive to the opposite gender when Los Angeles dating.  And there always seems to be people around to be your cheerleader when you’re down because they want you to come to their beach party, pool party or some summer festival.  Winter and holiday seasons are indoor times when Los Angeles dating so people feel more down and isolated, but to be someone attractive to the opposite gender or even just to your circle of friends when Los Angeles dating, it’s time for you to think about something other than being alone!  Think about dinner parties to warm your evenings, volunteering at local food bank, toy drive, something that brings out the best in you!  Your friends won’t be able to resist being your biggest fan and maybe you will even catch yourself someone with this great attitude!  Los Angeles dating tips make it fun so show it.  Just be glad you aren’t dating in Arkansas!

Hopefully these Los Angeles dating tips will help!

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