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Summer Dating Tips by Beverly Hills Matchmakers

June 24, 2015 0 Comments

Beverly Hills Matchmakers Tell You What To Do

Summer is a great time to meet people organically. How can you spice up your summer so it’s more fun? The sun makes people in a good mood so get out there and accept every invitation that you get invited to. Beverly Hills matchmakers Katie and May give you some friendly advice to go put yourself out there. If there are BBQ’s and mixers, it just means one thing: single people are waiting!  Whether you are throwing the party or being invited to one, you should do something that will stand out.  If you’re hosting the party, do one fun thing that will set your party apart from others.  Maybe have a water balloon toss or a specialty drink to mix things up.  If you’re invited to a party, make some homemade treats like rice krispy treats to bring.  Everyone loves those and when they eat them, they’ll be asking people who brought them.  Make two batches, one that’s peanut butter flavor!

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