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The Catch Difference

If you are like most of our clients, you’ve invested most of your energy into developing your career in a hectic world filled with overwhelming responsibilities. You probably didn’t think seriously about finding someone until now.  Despite your success and fulfillment in your current stage in life, you still want to make finding love a priority. So you want to see if enlisting a search team to help you find great catches would make the most sense. There isn’t a one size fits all type of service so it is wise to do some research to see what resonates with your budget, level of desired customer care and attention, and desired dating demographic. Since the process of meeting your perfect catch deserves extra care, attention, and savvy, please examine a comparison chart of our most frequently considered factors by our site visitors.


Catch Matchmaking

Other Matchmakers

CATCH Concierge Service Yes
This world class service is available with all levels of membership.  Through our CATCH Concierge Service we coordinate your first date, telling you the place, time, and date.  All you have to do is look great, have fun, and flirt!  This process eliminates awkward first phone calls, emailing, texting, or playing phone tag.  Our clients love it!  We follow up with both parties after the date and give honest feedback to you.  The CATCH Concierge Service is available even after we’ve matched you.  Need help planning 2nd or 3rd date?  We can help you and do a little or a lot of hand-holding.  We already know you and your match, so let us help.
Date Feedback Yes
At Catch Matchmaking, we obtain feedback from both parties after the date so we can learn more about you.  It’s our way of better serving you and learning more about your likes and dislikes so we can fine tune the search.
Singles Events Yes
We are the only company who actively recruits fabulous women to invite them in our database.  We don’t wait for the women to come to us.  We go out and find them for our men!  This is an opportunity for single women to meet single men.  For more information, see our Singles Events.
Most agencies don’t offer singles events.
Date Coaching Yes
We are the only Los Angeles matchmaking agency to help our clients navigate through the dating jungles.  It’s included in the package.  We give you date coaching, advice, and pointers throughout your membership with us.
Involvement with the Community Yes
We are very involved with the community and a respected business with the Better Business Bureau.  We also volunteer in our own communities as ways of giving back.
Matchmakers Who Are Experienced Yes
Our matchmakers not only have degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Communication, and Business, but have over two decades of connecting people together.  They are full time matchmakers so their commitment to their craft is also 100%.  Katie and May have no other jobs.  This is their brand and company.  Our team consists only of full-time dedicated matchmakers who work in a physical office, not run the business out of their homes or meet you at a coffee shop (unless that is your preference) and can leave the business anytime.
Be cautious of matchmakers who are part time and also have a side job.  They are not someone who will have your interests at heart 100% of the time.  Meet them in person to see if you connect with them.  If they don’t look like someone you trust with your love life, then keep looking for that perfect matchmaker.  If they don’t look like someone you’d date or take care of themselves, how can you trust them to find someone you are seeking.  Hire someone who you can see recruiting for you.  Are they professional, respectable, and personable?  Do they act too laid back for your taste?  Do they use slang or show up late for your meeting?
Franchised No
We have no high advertising fees so they are not passed on to you.
Often times, you deal with the salesperson, and not the matchmaker. Their advertising costs are passed on to you in your fees.  They advertise all over town on billboards, businesses with media TV displays, or high end magazine to charge you high prices and often times, they don’t even have a physical office.
Selectivity Yes
We screen and make sure every member meets our criteria. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to someone who can or politely decline working with you. We accept your payment in person, after we both decide it’s a good fit.
Many companies accept credit cards online, allowing anyone who pays to join.
Better Business Bureau Yes
We are with the BBB and have a Grade A standing.
There are two matchmaking firms in Los Angeles with Grade A standing.  Do your homework and check their reviews online. Via Rifoff report, Yelp, etc.
Interviews Yes
We conduct a thorough one-on-one interview in person with all male clients and female members.  They come into our office, in person, and meet us.  If women prefer, we also offer SKYPE, Facetime, WeChat, etc.
Because some matchmaking firms have open-enrollment, they do shorter interviews over the phone. Few do the 60 minute or 90-minute, one-on-one in person with all members.
Equal Ratio of Men to Women Yes
We average 50% women and 50% men at all of our singles’ events.  Our female database is one of the most up-to-date in the industry.  It may not be the largest, but they are single and ready to meet a great partner.
Many dating organizations have many more women than men, hence the complaints online and to BBB.
Certified Yes
We are certified with the Matchmaking Institute.A Certified Matchmaker:

  • is recommended by an industry authority
  • is a trained professional and has been approved to be ethical
  • provides clients with the highest standard of care
  • is held accountable for the quality of her/his service
  • is reviewed and audited based on client feedback submissions
  • is part of a network that provides the most updated information to keep up with the highest level of service
  • is subject to mandatory re-certification
  • took the time to become experts in the industry and are continuously learning
  • attends annual meetings to keep up with the industry and its latest information to protect clients
An Uncertified Matchmaker:

  • has no industry recommendations
  • may have no references apart from clients & friends
  • has no affiliation with any reporting agency that can take action
  • has no credentials from an independent authority
  • is not required to follow a code of ethics
  • has no accountability to anyone to provide good service
  • provides no guarantee of customer service
  • can continue working for years making the same mistakes over and over with little insight
  • has no obligations whatsoever
Change our company name No
We’ve never changed our company name. We started as Catch Matchmaking in 2007 and have remained the same company name. We started an Asian division named “Two Asian Matchmakers” to serve the Asian women community.
Be aware. There are companies out there that have changed their company names to dodge harsh reviews and lawsuits. Ask the matchmaker if they have operated under another name or if they are formerly known as something else. A quick research online should help you out. They might say it’s because they’ve decided to leave a large corporation to start their own business, but do your homework and ask around.
Women Paying Clients No
Women join our database for free.  We are another resource for women to help them with their dating life.  We believe in the traditional model where the men pay and the women do not.  Women who are fit, active, in shape, attractive, educated, relationship minded, marriage minded, kind, playful, and fun are encouraged to fill out a profile with us.  We will contact the women if we feel our men are looking for them, too.
Many companies take money from women and men.  Men are often encouraged to be very open minded to meet the women who pay the matchmakers, because the matchmakers took money from the women.  Men would often not meet the type of women they want to meet in this case.  The women they are looking for probably don’t need to pay at matchmaker to find them suitable matches.
Men Paying Clients Yes                                                                 Men who are proactively looking and want us to search, recruit, and interview on their behalf are the paying clients.  Men tell us who they are seeking, about them, and what their long term goals are, then we get to work to find their perfect match. Yes
X Yes
X Yes
X Yes