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Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

December 7, 2009 0 Comments

Often we believe that we know what is best for us.  There is a bit of truth to that but you have to be honest when it comes to the results in life.  Not to say that your results are bad but they are what they are.  I think everyone wants to progress to the next level.
When it comes to your intimate relationships you are the only common denominator.  If you were the expert on what is best for your love life then you would have already picked your perfect partner.  Besides isn’t that why you chose to work with a professional agency to assist in the process?  I learned a long time ago that it is not intelligent to be the smartest person in your life.  It creates a slow growth effect.  The most brilliant people surround themselves with others more versed in their fields.  In this case it is your dating expert.
So here are the three top reasons why you keep repeating yourself when it comes to your heart.
1)      Making a decision based on looks or assumptions.
When I met the love of my life I could have burned his wardrobe.  If I would have given up I would not be living the life I live today.  He is my best friend and the most important person in my life.  PS He looks extremely handsome now that I influenced his wardrobe.
2)      Not taking the opportunity to meet as many people as possible.
What is more important than finding love?  NOTHING!  Nothing is fulfilling if you are experiencing it by yourself.  Take every chance to go on the dates that are set up for you.  I promise you that you have to break out of your excuses to find true love.   Do not give up where all the love is.   Do not be a quitter.  It does not take a lot to find love but it does take you pushing past where you normally stop to receive a new result.  Go for it-  the risk is worth your reward!
3)      Time restrictions are a big sabotage for daters.  If you want to find long, luscious, lasting love then make it a priority.  Every moment of every day is an opening for love.  Love is the strongest force known to man.  Smile at people, be kind and open to new conversations.  You never know when love will strike. I met my partner when I showed up only expecting to work.  One thing is for sure- if you limit your time to only weekends then you are choosing to make love hard to find.  It’s up to you.  How many times can you play with life and invite love into your day?
Good luck with your ventures and remember that the power of two is always stronger then one.  Make love a priority not a sideline event.
Shanda Sumpter is the co-founder of HeartCore BootCamp along with Allyson Spellman.
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