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May and Katie’s 10 Juicy Dating Tips

1. Don’t ask a woman where she wants to eat. Tell her to guess where you’re taking her to eat. Then take her to the first place she guesses.

2. Offer to pay for her valet. It’s such a sweet gesture. Or, offer to pay for his coffee or dessert. You do not need to do the fake purse reach, but actually pay for it.

3. Every day, make an effort to talk to at least 2-3 people of the opposite sex. Just make small talk, compliment them, or start a conversation at the coffee shop. You will be surprised how much more at ease you will be with the opposite sex if you keep practicing.

4. Never skip a work happy hour. If someone if invites you, you should go out. You’re not there to date your co-workers, but your co-workers will invite their friends out so you never know what will happen.

5. Sign up for a class. It can be a gym class, cooking class, rock climbing class, or anything you are excited to check out. Make a point of doing one new thing every other month. If you like it so much, become a regular somewhere. If you’re a fixture somewhere you’re comfortable with then that gives you the confidence to talk to people.

6. Be busy but available. Before you go on your date, take out your calendar! Find 2 nights or days within the next 10 days that you are FREE to go on another date with this person and have it ready in case he or she wants to go out with you again!  Otherwise you will appear too busy to date and that is a huge turnoff.

7. When you say “yes” to a 2nd date, follow through. When your date asks you out while you are on the date and you say yes because at the time you did want to go out again or you said yes because you don’t know what else to say? Sometimes people go home and think about it and talk yourselves out of it. Why not just go out again? First of all, your word is everything. If you said yes, follow through. Second of all, you never know how that 2nd date will turn out.

8. Leave your date wanting more.  The first date should be 1 hour to 90 minutes. Even if he or she seems like your soul mate, keep the mystery and you will keep the chemistry.  Instead, set up a date to see each other in the next few days or even tomorrow! You don’t need to learn everything about each other on the first date.

9. Make a great, not just good, first impression. There may not be a second date so always put your best foot forward.  Put on that cute top, do your hair, shave, iron that shirt, open the door, say “thank you,” and give compliments.  It’s always the small things that matter. If you don’t look like your dating profile photos, you are not looking your best.

10. It’s not too late to set things right. If you are still thinking about him or her, then it’s not too late to reach out again.  So what if you let too much time pass by, go for it. If you are still thinking of him or her, then you have nothing to lose by reaching out. Acknowledge that you let too much time pass by and give an honest explanation and see if you can start over. And, we hope you get it right this time!

There you go! Remember, it’s okay to do things alone. In fact, it’s easier for strangers to talk to you when they see that you aren’t surrounded by a bunch of people. Don’t look at your phone all night. It’s okay to take a book when you first venture out and eat alone. Single? Why not to let everyone know you are single on FB and that you are open to being set up. Say YES to everyone who asks you out and wants to set you up. Dating is a numbers game. Good luck out there!

Happy Dating,

May and Katie