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6 Ways On How To Find Your Compatible Match Online

May 22, 2018

6 Ways on How to Find Your Compatible Match Online by Jane Song

Finding someone who connects with your personality and likes is very hard to find. It needs time and patience to meet the person which you can immediately say that there is a spark going on with your relationship. An online dating profile is not enough to know the person more, but there might be where that they are the total opposite person who they claim to be online. Do consider these ways on how you will know if your match is compatible with you.

1. List all your personal preferences
Ask yourself first about what type of person are you looking for. Make a complete list of all your preferences and the type of relationship you want. By doing this, it will be easier for you to find a person that you want. You will encounter and engage with a lot of people every day, so make sure that you were able to get some traits and personalities that you admired from them in order for you to create your ideal match.

2. Create an online dating profile
Make a good dating profile that will show the list of your preferences for a match. By doing it you will be able to connect easily to a person who has the same likes as yours. Do not forget to upload a decent and good-looking photo of you in your profile so that you will get to attract a lot of users and get a higher chance of finding a match. Make sure to input all your likes and dislikes in your dating profile as this will help other users to get to read your profile bio and get to know you first before connecting with you. There are a lot of different types of online dating sites that cater different hobbies, careers, and interests. It is up to you what type of online dating website you are planning to join in order to find the person you are looking for.

3. Check their social media profiles
If you happened to connect with someone already and it seems like their dating profile doesn’t provide that much information, you can ask for their social media accounts so you can start checking on them if they are who they claim to be in their dating profiles. By connecting with him/her on social media, you will be able to know who are his friends and what do they do for a living or what he does during his spare time.

4. Check if you have common friends
Finding out if you are compatible with your match is to find out if you have common friends. In that way, you can be able to do a background check from your mutual friends on his personality. You have the ability to ask if he has any past relationships and any serious problems that must be taken consideration. Common friends will help you feel at ease when you start dating that person. No common friends could raise a lot of questions that you want to be answered. This way, it will be easier for you to know if you are compatible with one another.

5. Check on how you deal with disagreements
You will know if they are the right one for you if both of you can overcome disagreements. Analyze your partner’s reactions and how they deal with conflicts. Check if they’re willing to compromise with you on certain disagreements and/or conflicting opinions. In every relationship, there should always be teamwork and acceptance for both parties. Having differences is completely normal and if you’re willing to accept each others’ opinion and ideas, the relationship will definitely work.

6. Meet in person
One thing you must do to know your match beyond chat bubbles and private messages is to meet them in person. Meeting them personally will give you some hints if your set up will work or now and also to see if you have that chemistry going on. You will be given a chance to know the person more by seeing them eyes, body gestures, the way they talk, and their treatment if they are really interested in you. Make sure that you plan your meet up in a romantic place where both of you can spend more time in getting to know each other.

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