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Asian Speed Dating With Caucasian Women

September 28, 2015

5 Things We Learned From Asian Speed Dating with Caucasian Women:

1. You should be a confident Asian man to date Caucasian woman.

We just had an Asian speed dating where it was Asian men to Caucasian women. This type of Asian speed dating is unique. We’ve never done this Asian speed dating before. This past weekend marked the first anniversary at The Warehouse Restaurant in Marina del Rey. What an amazing turn out and a great group of Asian men and women. We specifically asked for men who were educated, confident, funny, and had a great career.  There were 13 Asian men total and 14 women, eight of them were Caucasian and six of them were Asian. We couldn’t fill the whole party with Caucasian women. Trust me, we tried. So, we invited some Asian women to come out and date and they were really beautiful, slender, and fun, too. There were three people who were not chosen by anyone. Sometimes, this happens. We tell you who all of your mutual matches were and exchange phone numbers. Then we also take the time to tell you everyone who did pick you but you might have overlooked them. If you want to give them a second chance and exchange number, we do that for you, too.

asian speed dating

2. Asian men who bought a Caucasian woman a drink at the beginning of the event made a favorable impression on her.

This is also true that your first date, you get to spend more time with them at the table, because you both just sat down and you are both talking. Asian man has an advantage and if he likes her, he should make a good impression with real answers that tell her a bit about himself. Generic answers won’t make her remember you.

3. Don’t wear white tennis shoes to an Asian speed dating.

4. If you shake her hands, make sure it’s a firm handshake.

This will exude confidence when you first meet her. A limp fish or worse yet, clammy hands handshake is going to turn her off.

5. Smile.

Don’t be so serious and Engineer-like. Have fun.
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