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Body Language and Dating: How To Tell If She’s Interested

April 12, 2013 0 Comments

body languageBody Language and Dating Go Hand In Hand

Body language is very interesting, especially when it comes to dating.  How do you read her body language.  Hello MEN, we are talking to you!!  When you’re out and about in the dating world, you will always find women you’re interested in. You want to approach her, but you first want her to show she’s interested as well, giving you the body language signal that it’s okay to approach. Or, you’re talking to her and you are not sure if she’ll say YES if you ask her out.  Don’t you wish after a certain time of chatting with her, she gives you a positive body language signal?  Well, we at Catch Matchmaking Los Angeles believe that women sometimes are giving subconscious signals to you, but you just have to learn how to read them.  Learning how to interpret her body language is the key.  Read on for body language tips to tell if she is interested in you.  You don’t want to misinterpret certain behavior and end up in a weird situation do you?  Awkward, party of one, awkward….who has time for that?

How to read body language signs correctly:
  We want you to be successful in the dating world, so we are going to teach you how to read body language signs correctly. Otherwise, you will end up in countless creepy situations, which is setting you up for failure. Catch Matchmaking Los Angeles’ list of “How Women Show That They Are Interested” is here to help you be a stud instead of a dud.  There’s the usual smiling, increased-eye-contact, and smoothing-of-the-clothes signals, but there are other more subtle body language signs women show that they’re interested as well (and usually they’re not even aware that they’re doing it!).

Body Language Signs That Shows She is Interested

  • Playing with hair: Women who play with their hair indicate that they’re interested in a man. This body language of a woman runs her fingers through her hair, she is showing that she cares about her appearance and is making an effort to look appealing.  You might even notice young girls adapting to this at a very early age.  They do it subconsciously.  It’s an easy body language sign to miss if you aren’t looking for it.
  • Tossing, Tilting or Dipping the Head: Tilting of the head gives out an appealing and helpless look. This type of vulnerable body language gesture shows that she trusts the man she’s interested in and is letting down her defenses. When flirting with men, women also lower their heads as a sign of submission. It makes herself seem smaller and her eyes look bigger. Tossing her head shows that she’s engaged in interaction.  Have you seen this body language before?
  • Showing her Neck and Wrists: There are two ways women show their neck to make themselves look appealing to the man they’re attracted to. (That’s a reason NOT to wear a turtleneck on a date and break out them V-necks!)  One way she shows her neck is by slightly raising her chin. She can also slightly turn her head so that the man can get a clear view of her neck. A woman also shows her interest and availability in a subtle way by revealing the underside of her wrist, a highly delicate area.
  • Pointing her knees and crossing her legs: If a woman is pointing her knees towards the man she’s talking to, she’s showing that she’s interested in him. If they’re pointed away from him, she isn’t interested. Women also cross their legs to draw attention to their thighs.  This is subtle body language but pay attention next time.
  • Touching herself:  Get your mind out of the gutter.  We’re talking about a different kind of touching!!  Women leisurely stroke their necks, throats and thighs in front of a man they’re interested in.  They do this to draw attention to that part of their body by this sensual body language. Sometimes, women are unaware that they’re doing this in front of the person they’re attracted to.  They might be playing with their watch or fumbling with their bracelets.  These are all good things to look for when trying to read her body language.
So these are the body language Catch Matchmaking Los Angeles says these are the signs women show they’re interested in a guy.  If you know more, please share them with us at  Hopefully when you’re chatting up that hottie gal, you can pinpoint one of these positive signs and ask her out.  If you are not getting these positive signals from her, leave her alone and move on to the next victim, I mean woman.  For more dating tips like these, check out our youtube channel.
Catch Matchmaking Los Angeles wishes you Happy Dating!

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