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A New Perspective on Dating With An Open Mind

February 2, 2015 0 Comments

Dating Agency Los Angeles Dating Tips:

Catch Matchmaking, Dating Agency Los Angeles, we often talk about being open minded when it comes to dating. You hear the same things over and over. Don’t be so picky about height, don’t be so picky about this or that. Well, I’m here to talk about other things you should consider being open minded about. I’m trying to bring a new perspective to dating. Yes, it’s being open minded about dating, but it’s also about trying to bring a fresh perspective on something you’ve been doing for the past 5, 10, or more than 20 years.

Dating Agency Los Angeles Dishes the Truthdating agency los angeles

If you haven’t been in a relationship that has lasted more than a few months the past few years, it’s not a surprise that the common denominator is you. You are the one with the problem, not the men. Dating doesn’t get easier the older you get. In fact, it gets tougher because as a woman, you have less options. The men your age are not dating your age. They are dating younger. Therefore, your options are more limited than before. Not to mention that men are dying earlier than women. I talked to my friends and we came up with 7 points that might help you the next time you decide if you should meet him or not:

1. If a guy’s profile look good and he might be someone you would introduce to a friend, then he is good enough for you. You should meet him. It’s okay to kill to birds with one stone. You like coffee and you need to meet him. Go to a new coffee place that you’ve not been to so you can explore a new place and meet a new guy. Who knows, you just might bond with him. Here’s another secret about men’s photos….if he’s cute enough, has a nice smile, looks interesting, then give him a shot, because his photos probably didn’t do him justice. Men usually do not put so much thought into their profile photos for online dating. They are not like women where we know exactly which angle we look good in, which side is our best side, and other tricks to make us look cuter and hotter. Men usually look better in real life, three dimensionally.

2. Ask married, not single, friends to set you up, because they will be a good gauge on the type of guy you should be with. They know you best. Plus, married people can scout out single people and they are not afraid to ask single people if they are single. Married girl friends are more talkative now, because they have nothing to lose in talking to that hottie single guy. Your married friend is not hitting on the guy. She is married. She is liberated and can hit on him for you. Let’s face it, not all single people need matchmakers. If you have friends who are social and have your best interests at heart, they can find you someone. People hire us because they don’t have friends to scout for them. We matchmakers just have a large pool of people we are constantly collecting and screening women to be part of our database. If you have friends who can do that for you, you can save money. Another great place to meet people is online. If men are are hitting on you online, then why not screen and meet them? They are the ones who want to meet you, so give them a chance. There is a higher success rate that you will be paired up because they are already excited to meet you and pursuing you. If you constantly find that the type of guy you are not interested in are hitting on you, then you have two options. You can broaden your scope of who you want to meet or play the game and try to look hotter, thinner, or younger so the type who you do want to attract are looking for you. Sometimes, women who paired up when they were young in their 20s got the hottest guy in the room when they were young. Now those same women who are in the forties think it’s going to be the same way, that they will get the hottest guy in the room, but that is not going to happen. They are older now. The men in their age have more options and chances are, they are seeking younger.

3. Focus on friendship first and chemistry second. I know, this totally goes against everything you’ve been saying, but give it a try. It’s okay if it’s just a tiny, mini spark. Think about friendship this way: You need it when you are older and forty or fifty years into your marriage. Chemistry is going to fizzle out. Chemistry leads to sex, while friendship and connection leads to relationship. Isn’t that what you want? Also, men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears. Women need to bond over something to feel that connection, whether it’s conversation, experiencing something together, or spending more time together to get used to each other. I always try to suggest to guys on the second or third date, invite her to do something that she won’t resist. Doing something new for both of them will make them bond. Experiencing something new like a new restaurant is better than the guy always going to the same restaurant, where he won’t have new experiences.

4. Honor a genuine connection and take it for what it is. How many times do you wonder how that dorky guy got the cute girl? People connect on many different levels. That cute girl gave him a chance. Maybe he is super smart and he impressed her with his knowledge about something. You got to give people a chance to show them their true selves to you. How many times have you ended up liking someone from work because you spent a lot of time together and got to know him better? Believe it or not, this happens to over 80% of women. So, next time your first date is neutral or positive, you owe it to yourself to see him again and explore the relationship. Don’t worry if your friends will approve or if he will fit in with your friends’ boyfriends. If they see how much you like him, they will like him. And don’t forget about the quiet engineer types who are smart, makes a good living, will be a good provider, and not cheat on you. Those diamonds in the roughs are the best ones.

5. Fire your single friends as date coaches. Ask a married friend who’s been married over 10 years for dating advice. The married friend with years under her marriage belt should be your go to dating advice person, not your single friend. Relationships take work, lots of ups and downs. Your married friend will know that and they will be the ones to give you the best advice. Unfortunately, your single friends want you to be single with them and commiserate in your single status. They are giving bad advice because they are single!

6. Be more forgiving on someone’s nervousness and quirks. So what if he was a little late, has bad taste in clothes, or have never been to a nice chic restaurant that you mentioned. I’d rather be with a diamond in the rough than a Rico Suave who is a great dater. The player types are sexy and smooth, but they also are excited by the chase and the kill. Be careful and be aware of the red flags if they are too good at the dating game.

7. Be loving and kind to yourself and others. No one likes a bitchy girl with a negative edge to her. It’s not attractive. Men want feminine women. Sweet women. Kind women. Friendly women. You can be all these things and still set appropriate boundaries for yourself. You should honor your word and do what you say and say what you mean. If a man sees that you live your life with integrity, that is attractive. The key to showing people how to treat you really starts with how you treat yourself.

I hope these tips made you think a little bit more about your dating life and what you should do next time you are in a dating dilemma. I hope you hone these skills and make it part of your 2015 dating agenda. May you meet someone great and not settle. We work with women of all ages from 20s to 50s. It’s easy to fill out a profile to be part of our database. It’s free to be set up with our male paying clients. We come from the old school model where men should be men and pay and women should be women and let them pay. Fill out this profile to be considered.

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