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Dating Expert Talks About Men Dating Out of Their League

October 20, 2015

Dating Expert Talks About Men Dating Out of Their League

Watch this video about Marla interviewing Dating Expert Katie Chen on men dating out of their league.  Do you want to date a 10?  Well, then you better be ready to handle all the stuff that goes with dating a hot girl.  Conversations with Cupid talks to the LA Dating Expert at Catch Matchmaking.  What happens when people want to date out of their league?  Dating Expert Katie has degrees in Economics and Psychology and uses it daily.  Here she talks about the pitfalls that men go through in finding a 10.  Dating Expert Marla also has clients who are 6s or 7s who want to date 10s.  That’s tricky.  The women in LA have a lot of choices.  There is a price to pay to meet the 10s in LA.  The stunners, models, and actresses demand certain things.  Are men willing to go with those sometimes crazy demands?  Men must be open to deal with the drama.  Hot Crazy Matrix on YouTube pretty much explains the realistic numbers of getting that hot chick.  Dating Expert Katie says that women who can get away with being crazy continue to do it.  There are plenty of guys who have money, credit, and job.  There are women who have a sense of entitlement in LA.  Our job at a dating expert is to find the women who are hot and not a gold digger.  If you need help with that, we can help you.  We have great women already in our existing database.  But beyond that, we also leave no stone unturned.  We will scout and recruit for you.

Contact Dating Expert Katie dating expertat (310) 876-2291.  If you need help and want to hire a matchmaker, fill out this profile. Ladies, if you are attractive and want to meet great guys, fill out this profile.




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