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Dating Photo Dos and Don’ts

March 12, 2013 0 Comments

Dating photo dos and don’ts are helpful when dating online  photo dos and don'ts

When you’re dating online, taking photos is a lot of fun but don’t forget about our photo dos and don’ts tips. We take classes on photography, we take pictures during special and random events, and we even use apps to enhance the quality of our photos. Photos are also important when you’re dating as well, whether through a matchmaker or using an online dating site to look for singles in your area.  Learn some stuff about dating photo dos and don’ts to put your best foot forward.  Check out our photo dos and don’ts for more info.

Photo dos and don’ts will make a world of difference

Photos dos and don’ts:  Studies show that singles are more likely to message you if you already have a photo attached to your profile. That’s because we’re such visual creatures and we have to feel attracted to the person we’re looking at before we make the next move.

Photo dos and don’ts:  You don’t need to have a full makeover, but the quality of your photos determines if you’re going to have a first date or not. You can say that you look better in person (and that may be true) but hardly anyone believes that when they’re looking at your profile with no photo in sight.

Photo dos and don’ts:  Read on to find out where to get photos done, what kinds of photos to post, and more.  Here are some Photo Do’s and Don’ts when you’re dating. Maybe your last decent photo of yourself was back in 2005. That was years ago! Even if you look the same, it’s time you take a more recent photo so you can at least say that your photos are recent, within the last couple of weeks or months.

Photo Dos and Don’ts When You’re Dating:

1)      Do make an Appointment with a Professional Photographer

If you aren’t good with a camera or don’t own one, now’s the time to hire a professional photographer. When it comes to putting you in the best light possible, they are the ones who know how. Call May Hui at 310 867 0851 and make an appointment to get your photos done and we can extend the special client rate of $200 for you for one session.  You get to keep all the photos, have 3 re-touches, and 3 wardrobe changes.  Or, have your friend do a photo shoot of you and take a bunch of headshots and body shots.  You can take the best 3 and use it for Los Angeles dating.


2)      Do add Variety

Don’t just use one photo for your profile. Your potential dates want to know what you look like in person. You don’t need to offer photos with a bunch of poses. You need to have at least a face shot, a photo that shows you standing and at least a few with yourself in different kinds of outfits. If you only have a face shot, people are going to think you’re hiding
something.  Guys tell us if there is only a face shot of the woman, it means their body is not attractive.


3)      Do show a Picture that reflects your Personality

Along with your face and standing photo, you should also have one that reflects your personality. Photos are another way to let viewers know more about you. This I think is the most fun part of choosing photos for your dating profile. If you’re active, find a photo of you hiking or running. If you like dogs, take a picture with man’s best friend but make sure not every photo is with your dog. Maybe you like traveling, too. Find a photo of you in a different country.  This is one of our best photo dos and don’ts advice.  It can really separate you from other profiles online.  It makes you memorable.


4)      Do Smile
Smiles are inviting and make people feel good. If you’re not comfortable with your teeth, smile anyway but you don’t need to show them your teeth as long as you’re putting yourself in the best light possible. You’ll feel good smiling while taking photos too. Frowns aren’t attractive and people will think you have a problem if you don’t smile.  Get your teeth whitened or get braces if it’s something you need to do.

5)      Do wear Date Clothes

People want to know what you’re going to look like on a date. Girls: Wear a fitted dress or a nice blouse with jeans. Guys: Women like button down shirts, slacks or dark jeans. Don’t wear crazy patterns or frumpy attire. Having a photo of you with Los Angeles dating clothes on makes you look more attractive than just a picture of you wearing jeans and a T-shirt.  Sweaters that show your bulge are a turnoff.  A suit jacket for men covers up the extra pounds.  This is one of the best three photo dos and don’ts advice!



More Photos Dos and Don’ts

1)      Don’t take a Picture in the Bathroom

It puzzles me why people take a picture of themselves in a bathroom. Find a more decent-looking area to take photos. Nobody wants to see a photo of you before you use the toilet. And no one wants to see an over used razor, toothpaste all over the bathroom counter or hair in the sink! Have some class people! Instead, get out of the bathroom and find a nice area in your city, like the beach, promenade or park.



2)      Don’t use your iPhone to take Pictures of Yourself (unless someone’s holding it)

If you don’t have the funds for a professional photographer and want to use your own camera or iPhone, at least have someone else take pictures for you, like a family member or friend. But if you can’t find someone to take a photo of you, set a timer for your camera so that you’ll have enough time to pose. Too many times have I seen men and women use their smart phone to take pictures of themselves in front of the mirror.

3)      Don’t wear Little to no Clothing at all: bikinis, wife beater, shirtless

Otherwise, people are going to think you’re looking for something else. Maybe you are, and if that’s the case, state your intentions and don’t waste people’s time. But if you want people to take you seriously, go to your local mall and buy some Los Angeles dating clothes.

4)      Don’t make a Ducky Face

Just don’t…….This is not attractive. You’re only adding wrinkles and years to that area of your face. You may think it’s cute but nobody wants to see a 20 year old’s face with the mouth of a 70 year old. Smiling really is not that hard. So stop it.

5)      Don’t use Old Pictures

If you have brown hair now, don’t post pictures of you when you were a blonde.  Using a picture like that only deceives your date. Don’t do that to them. Take a picture now! If you change your appearance (new haircut, no beard, etc.) then add a more recent photo of you to your Los Angeles dating profile so that your dates can find you.  If your matchmaker has your profile, email her a picture of your new look.

6)      Don’t use Photos of you with a lot of Alcohol

We know you drink socially, but pictures with a lot of alcohol make you look like an alcoholic.  Yes, we’ve had guys decline meeting women because they were always posing with alcohol.  Ditch the drink photos or crop out the drink if you think you look good in the photo. If you do like beer or wine tasting however, emphasize that on your online profile but be mature about it.

So these are our photo dos and don’ts tips and hope they are helpful.  Our dating photo dos and don’ts are strictly to help you.  If you are doing some of the photos dos and don’ts, then please choose wisely. Hopefully you’ve found them helpful and you’ll decide to spruce up your online profile.

If you want to give online dating or even matchmaking a try and have recent photos that make you look good, fill out our free and confidential PROFILE. We only ask for 3 photos: a face shot, a photo of you standing and a photo that reflects your personality. Simple.  Give it try today!  Use your photos dos and don’ts tips!  If don’t agree with one of the photo dos and don’ts tips, tell us which one.

For more tips like these photos dos and don’ts, check out our video dating tips.  If you subscribe, we’ll update you with new photo dos and don’ts tips.

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