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Dating Successful Men: Free Resource for Women

August 8, 2013 0 Comments

Dating successful men is easy if you have the right resource. You can increase your chances of finding the right one when you are dating successful men. When women sign up and complete a free online profile, they are agreeing to be open-minded when it comes to dating successful men. The women who come to us area great catches themselves. They are not short of dates, they just are short of finding great guys to meet. Dating successful men is what our women are looking for when they agree to meet someone through our services.

If you’re a single woman living in Los Angeles or Orange County and you’re excited about dating successful men, and your ready for love, let us help you out! Since 2009, our matchmakers have successfully set up men and women who are now in relationships, engaged or married. Dating successful men is a start. We know that dating is a difficult process and we want to make it easier for you to find Mr. Right.

Are you tired of the bar or club scene? Are you sick of online dating? Do you want to meet people you want to meet?

If you’re currently single and ready to start dating successful men, then fill out ourfree and confidential profile. Then we’ll be able to determine if we have a match for you or not. When you submit your profile, you’ll be joining our exclusive DATE-A-BASE.

  • It’s free to fill out our confidential profile, join our DATE-A-BASE and start dating successful men.
  • We ask all women to fill out our profile so that we can get to know you and what kind of men you’re looking for. Please take 10-15 minutes to submit your profile and give us as much information about yourself as you can. We want to see if you’re a match for one or some of our clients.
  • Only our matchmakers see your full profile and we won’t show your profile to the clients we have in mind for you until we meet you one on one.
  • We personally and carefully review all submitted profiles. We respect your privacy and will only contact you if we have a match for you. This may be immediately or in the future.
  •  If we believe we have an appropriate match for you, we’ll contact you immediately for an in person meeting with one of our professional matchmakers so that we can get to know your better.  Soon you will be dating successful men and we hope you find the one.
  • Our meetings are held at our office locations. They’re free, private and one on one.
  • You’re welcome to stay in our DATE-A-BASE for as long as you want.

We tell everyone not to fully rely on one resource for dating successful men.  You wouldn’t fully rely on a recruiter to find a job, so you shouldn’t fully rely on a matchmaker to find you a husband. You should also be actively out there in the dating world to meet people organically as well.  There are no guarantees but you have nothing to lose when you submit your profile.

Dating Successful Men’s Process 

dating successful men

Once we meet you in person, our matchmaker will show you a short profile and recent photos of the men we have in mind for you.

We do not reveal these things to the men before we set you up on a date:

  • Your last name
  • Your contact information
  • Your year of birth
  • What kind of man you’re looking for

If you agree to go out with our client and he wants to meet you, our matchmaker sets up your date.

That means:

Los Angeles Dating Service

  • Asks for your free days and times.
  • Picks out a restaurant or café you and the client will meet at.
  • Makes reservations.
  • Confirms the date by sending out a confirmation email with you and the client’s phone number so that both parties can reach out to each other in case of a “dating emergency.”
  • All you have to do is have fun, be yourself and date!

We also ask for date feedback. It’s a quick survey we ask our clients and women about their date. This helps us get to know you as a dater and help us match you better.

dating successful menDating the Successful Men That We Have

At Catch Matchmaking, dating our successful men will mean they are busy professionals, have their own business, have great career, maybe a homeowner;  we only work with men that are really successful, educated, handsome and relationship-minded. All that is missing in their lives is their Mrs. Right.  They know they won’t find her at a bar or nightclub, so they come to us to help them find love. Clients don’t come to us for casual dates, but for a quality date that will end their search and get them into a relationship.  So hopefully when your mindset is dating successful men that you will also take pride in the way you look, the way you present yourself, and being a good dater.

The men we work with are doctors, lawyers, business owners, and other business professionals. Some are millionaires and some are public figures. You won’t be embarrassed dating successful men in public.


The Women We Want to Meet to be Dating Successful Men

Los Angeles Dating ServiceWe want to meet women ages 21-55 who are gainfully employed and living in Los Angeles or Orange County. The type of women our clients are looking for fit all 4 B’s:


You are beautiful inside and out and stunning from head to toe. You are also stylish and sexy.


You are not just a pretty face. You are intelligent, educated and have a good head on your shoulders.


You take care of your body with a healthy diet and regular exercise. You also look great for your age.


You are emotionally healthy and have a positive dating attitude. You have no baggage and you are ready for a long term relationship.

We’re a Trusted Source

Trust us! As an all-woman team, we know your needs and what you’re looking for. We also have a 4 Star Rating on Yelp and an A rating on the BBB. We respect your privacy and your needs.

Get Started and Find Love

Are you ready to meet to start dating successful men and meet great guys who are just as relationship-minded as you? CLICK HERE to fill out our free and confidential profile today!


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