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How To Dress for Asian Women Speed Dating

April 20, 2016

Asian Women Speed Dating Events

Our Asian women speed dating events are fun, flirty, and always sold out. If you know you want to try one out, you should buy a ticket as soon as possible. Our Asian women speed dating events usually have 15+ men and 15+ women.

When you come out to one of our Asian women speed dating events, you better dress to impress. They are a great way to meet over 15 women and 15 men in one night. Oftentimes, we have more than 20 people of each gender. You don’t want to look sloppy. Take a look at what an event looks like when we have it. The Asian women speed datings are usually held on the weekends. Sometimes we partner up with other agencies to bring new and fresh faces in. We have partners in Japan who help us promote the events, too. It doesn’t matter what age range the events are, you should dress to impress.

What should you wear to an Asian speed dating event?

For men, a nice button down shirt, maybe a suit jacket, is a nice touch. Wearing t-shirts or polo shirts are not recommended. Hats and sunglasses should stay at the beach, not at an Asian speed dating event. Men should groom their hair and facial hair. No cologne is suggested. Men should not wear tennis shoes or sandals. Depending on the weather, shorts are okay, but Asian women generally like men to look like businessmen. In Asian cultures, they value and see businessmen looking men as successful and suitable partners.

For women, it is nice if a dress or sundress is worn. Something that shows off her slim figure or feminine body. A woman who is wearing something pretty with colors is viewed as soft and girly, which men appreciate. Wearing jeans and a nice top is not going to get a lot of matches. A red or pink dress will more likely get you more picks. It is okay to wear jewelry and earrings to complement the outfit. Women who wear make up and take the time to do their hair will get more matches. After all, men are visual.

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