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Executive Matchmaking Service In Los Angeles: Very Much Needed

Executive matchmaking Service in Los Angeles is highly sought after because there are so many successful men in this lovely city of ours.  Men with power, money, success, status, and personality, but they lack the time to find their ideal partner.  This is where Catch Matchmaking comes in.  Enter the matchmaking firm known for delivering high quality, sincere, smart, not career-oriented women to executive men.  With decades of matchmaking experienceexecutive matchmaking service, backgrounds in Psychology, Communications, Sociology, and recruiting experience as a team, Katie Chen and May Hui continues to deliver excellent service to their male clients.  They know how to communicate with them (being closet Type A personalities themselves J).  There is no short cut to finding love but certainly hiring this executive matchmaking service can help out the men a whole lot.  To be an effective executive matchmaking service in Los Angeles, the Catch team has to sift through countless profiles, note how singles communicate with them, decide if their photos are accurate (and if the photos make them marketable!), note their style when they grill them in person, and dig beyond what they say on their profile when they meet them (and pick up on what they don’t tell us!)  As personal matchmakers at their executive matchmaking service, they meet so many dynamic women, but not all of them are set up with the men.

Executive Matchmaking Service:  The Ideal Male Client

Who is the ideal client to sign up for Catch Matchmaking executive matchmaking service?  A man who is in his 40’s or 50’s seeking a woman who is beautiful inside and out, sincere, slender, and smart.  Sure, if a man is tall and has hair, that’s a bonus.  If the man who is interested in an executive matchmaking service is also friendly, not shy, and has a great personality, then he definitely won’t be short of female options.

Executive Matchmaking Service:  The Ideal Women In Our Database

The executive matchmaking service database is not open to the public.   The ideal female woman in the database shows up to her interview on time with a smile, handshake or a hug, and a great attitude.  She does not arrive late or frazzled.  She has thoroughly completed her profile with 2 photos attached.  She is not a gold-digger, but enjoys the finer things in life.  She stays in shape with regular exercise, is warm, open, wants children if she is under 37 years old.  If she is older than 37, she is open to having children or not having children.  The ideal woman in the executive matchmaking service database admits she wants a man in her life, is not so career-driven, and is gainfully employed.  The ideal woman in the executive matchmaking service database is not overweight.

Executive Matchmaking Service Is Simple But Not Easy

Catch’s executive matchmaking service is simple but not easy.  What they mean by that is most singles are just looking for someone they can accept and someone who can accept them.  That’s simple.  There is a set of criteria that each single wants in their ideal partner.  Catch’s executive matchmaking service uses their resources to help the men find their one true love.  As matchmakers at this executive matchmaking service, they devote the time to find and interview countless singles who meet the criteria of their male clients because it’s also a numbers game.  The search continues until there is mutual chemistry.

Executive matchmaking service is for the successful men out there who needs a little help in the love department.  Who couldn’t use an executive matchmaking service?