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Free Christian Dating

May 18, 2012 0 Comments

free christian datingFree Christian Dating:  Seeking women to be in our exclusive database.

Free Christian dating is available at Catch Matchmaking for women.  Everyone is probably giving you tips on how to meet the one..your mom, your co-workers, your sister, etc.  It’s tricky to sometimes figure out where to look for a good Christian man.  Well, look no further.  It is not free Christian dating for men.  The men are the paying clients.  Catch Matchmaking signs up great Christian guys and we are seeking women to match them.  That is why free Christian dating is available for women.  If you know someone who’d be interested in free Christian dating, have them fill out this profile.

We have some great tips for you single folks out there.  Christian women, enjoy our free Christian dating tips.

Free Christian Dating Tip #1: 

Our first Christian dating tip involves cold nights.  When you are dating someone at night, and you know the nights in Los Angeles are cold, you might want to do something low-key.  You might want to warm up to your date at a local coffee shop, but make sure it’s not a chain place.  This is a very important dating tip.  Find a mom and pop coffee shop in the local area where there is not high traffic. Find one that stands out and look nice on the inside with cozy seats.  At a chain coffee place, there is so many people going in and out, it’s hard to not get distracted.  If you aren’t a coffee drinker, you can still look warm with hot chocolate or tea.  Get extra points by ordering something sweet to share.  Ladies, if he offers, take a bite.  You don’t want to look like you care about your weight or refuse!  This dating tip reminds women to enjoy herself.

Free Christian Dating Tip #2: 

This free Christian dating tip reminds you to get into the holiday spirit.  Whether it’s 4th of July or Easter, you can maybe plan a date that’s holiday related.  If it’s cold in the winter, part of the fun of dating might be ice skating!  You can always promise your date a cup of hot chocolate afterwards to warm up.  If ice skating is not for you, do other things that are holiday related.  Maybe it’s checking out the holiday decorations at a popular neighborhood.  Maybe it’s roaming through a bookstore that has a café on site.  Maybe it’s Cinco de Mayo and you suggest a Mexican hot spot for marqaritas!

Free Christian Dating Tip #3:

This free Christian dating tip focuses on how you show up for a date.  If you haven’t updated your dating wardrobe, maybe it’s time.  How on time you are for a date, what you look like and what you wear on a date, and how put together you are for the date, says a lot about you. Sure, you know what you should wear, but why do you still wear what you shouldn’t wear?  Here are some ideas for men and women:

1.      Ladies, it’s okay to wear boots on a first date. They look cute.  Pair it up with a nice dress or some cute skinny jeans.  It looks classy without trying too hard and nothing says Los Angeles dating like being stylish.

2.      Ladies, take off your jacket/bulky sweater when you meet your date inside your date spot so that they can see you and not think you’re frumpy.

3.      Guys, you need to have a nice jacket you can wear on a date, not that athletic looking thing you thinks it’s ok to wear.  Invest in a nice sports jacket that can dress up any outfit.  Put the Members Only jackets away! Ok, no one wore one of these on a date, I’m just saying….

4.      Ladies can wear a nice, colorful scarf.  It adds a little pop to your outfit. Everyone has a favorite piece that makes them stand out on a first date. If you don’t have one, find a bright colored scarf to add to your black, white or grey fall outfit. Your date will notice!

5.      Guys, a T-shirt is not okay on a first date.  I can’t stress this enough.  You are not dressing to your potential if you think a T-shirt is classy.  I don’t care that it’s a $60 T-shirt.  Save it for date #4.  Maybe you are trying too hard to look young if a T-shirt if your first date staple outfit.  This scenario has come up before in our feedback so be aware this is a real Los Angeles dating tip!

6.      Ladies, put some makeup on so he knows you are making the effort.  Plan accordingly so you have time to look nice for him.  Mascara and lip gloss are almost a must!

7.      If you are sick or coming down with something, don’t go out on the date.  Keep your cooties to yourself.  Re-schedule it so you are looking and feeling your best.  If you re-schedule the date and apologize and call your date, then it’s sincere.  It’s tough to be good at Los Angeles dating but just remember to be nice.

8.      If you are on a coffee or tea date that is generally dinner time, you might want to offer your date some food!  Don’t cheap out.  That’s horrible if she is hungry and trying to make pleasant conversation and you don’t offer to order some food.

9.      You should make every effort to look like your online dating photo, Facebook photo, matchmaking photo, etc. if that is what your date thinks you look like.  Los Angeles dating sucks when they’ve been duped into coming on the date.

10.  Put your phone away and turn it off.  The last thing you want to do is get a text alert and you check your phone while it’s in your purse and you think your date doesn’t notice, but he does.  Or when you put it on the table and the phone rings and you glance at it and you think your date doesn’t notice but she does.  It’s rude and it shows your date that you don’t care enough about him or her to put your phone away.  If you are on call, let your date know before it rings that you will have to answer if your office or calling service is going to call you.

For more free Christian dating tips, check out our videos.     Sometimes we offer free Christian dating events and free Christian dating mixers.  If you’d like more info, please email us at  Free Christian dating tips are available throughout our website as well.

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