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Free Matchmaking Service

We’ve spent many years in this love industry of matchmaking and dating coaching and realize offering a free matchmaking service for women is the key.  We have created a very successful roadmap for our men and women where women are not charged (free matchmaking service) to join our exclusive network of great catches.  Our personal approach to finding the right one for our clients has earned us a reputation as the matchmakers with a 71% success rate in Los Angeles.   A free matchmaking service to a woman allows us to offer a tailored, expert approach to hand-selecting the right partner carefully for our clients.  Ladies, all you need to do is to fill out a profile with us.  free matchmaking services

Our client list is a group of highly successful, educated, attractive, athletic and relationship-minded/marriage minded men.  The women’s profile submission is complimentary as it’s important for us to have access to beautiful, incredible women for our eligible men.  If you are currently single and ready to meet a great man, then we invite you to fill out a confidential profile.

How The Free Matchmaking Service Work:

free matchmaking services


The free matchmaking service for women is complimentary.  Feel free to be as honest as possible in filling out the confidential profile.  There is no contract for you to sign.  We will review your profile and if there is someone we feel you should meet, we will contact you to meet you for a face to face interview.  Each introduction is carefully thought out for both you and our client.  We will reach out to you after the introduction so we can get your feedback to help us learn out more about you for future introductions.

The Kind of Woman We Are Looking For To Participate In Our Free Matchmaking Service

Women of all ages are invited to fill out a profile to apply for our free matchmaking service.  We are seeking women who are emotionally ready for a committed relationship.  Attractive, fit, intelligent, honest, open, family-oriented, and feminine.  You must be available, a good communicator, and make finding love a priority in your life.  Serious seekers only please.

If you are interested in the free matchmaking service for women, please fill out a profile.