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How to Meet Men

November 9, 2009 0 Comments

How to Meet Menhow to meet men

How to meet men is just as important as if you are ready to meet him.  Once and awhile a really great catch comes along and we can lose it if we are not careful.

How to spot Mr. Right is all about being clear with what you want and committing to embodying those exact characteristics. Sure you can find out how to meet men, but are you ready for it?  You are sadly mistaken if you think you are going to find a partner who fills all your needs without you first bringing those desires to the table. I say sadly because you will be frustrated and searching for a long time with that approach.  How to meet men is be open in receiving that love.

To attract your #1 man you first have to deserve their gifts. You deserve their gifts by appreciating them for who they are and what they bring to your life. If they are not all you have ever wanted then you better get a mirror and look within. People mirror your characteristics. If you think your partner is selfish then take a look within. Where are you being selfish? Who are you being selfish to?

How to meet men depends on timing.  You see the reason why you often prove yourself right about the opposite sex is because they are showing up based on your deserve level. Your deserve level is directly tied to the way you are showing up in your own life. You cannot trick your belief system. If you are not giving respect to someone in your life how do you expect your partner to give you respect. Of course that is just an example.  How to meet men who are deserving of you and vice versa?

So now what? Check in with yourself. What did you find was the disconnect with your last date? If you have not been on a date for awhile think of your last partner. What was or is the disconnect? Write your opinion down on a piece of paper now. Do not keep reading this article before you do the work. Give yourself a chance to see a new approach to your love life and do the exercise. In one straight forward approach, summarize their way of being that played a part in the disconnect or love rejection.

Flip the mirror. Who are you giving the same disconnect to in your life?

You see, your belief system will never allow you to attract someone that you are not equal to. They may look different or appear as having different strengths than you. The truth is your disconnects are the same in this moment. That’s why you have come together.

The focus is to clean up whatever disconnects that you have found as soon as possible. The reason why they say that time heals is because time separates things. Now that you are clear reach out to the person and show up BIG.  Once you’ve figured this out, then you are ready to find out how to meet men.  For more tips like these, check out our videos.


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