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Los Angeles Dating

Los Angeles Dating tips are always what our readers ask of us so we thought we’d share some more on this page.  These are all great Los Angeles Dating tips to make love happen in your life but first you need to decide that you want it and go after it.

What are some things you can do to help increase your chances of meeting a great partner when doing Los Angeles dating?

Do you have a list about what you are looking for in a partner when doing Los Angeles dating?

Los Angeles Dating Making Everyone Too Picky?  los angeles dating

The reality of it is, everyone says they are “too picky” right when doing Los Angeles dating?  You need to write down your 3 must haves and 3 deal-breakers you want in an ideal partner.  Qualities they must possess or can’t have: honesty, caring, affection or smoker, drinks a lot, or lives with parents.

Los Angeles Dating tip:  I always tell our clients, if I’m matching them up with someone who looks great on paper and they have the “must haves” and don’t have the “deal-breakers”, then you need to go out with them.  The whole point is to increase your social circle and date objectively.  You never know who you’ll click with when you are doing the Los Angeles dating thing.  You will find out if there is chemistry when you meet in person.

Los Angeles Dating tip:  If you don’t know if they meet your requirements when they ask you out, what do you have to lose by going out for a coffee?  You are meeting for coffee, not marriage.  You can make it a weekday date so if you click, you can meet up again the following weekend.  Or if you don’t click, at least you didn’t waste a Friday or Saturday night with them.

Los Angeles Dating tip:  Los Angeles dating is like an job interview.  Getting a job is also a numbers game.  You increase your odds of getting a job if you go on more interviews.  You increase your odds of finding a great partner if you go out on more Los Angeles dating adventures.

Los Angeles Dating Tips:  Common pitfalls:

Age is just a number when it comes to Los Angeles dating: Women over the age of 35 who will only date up to 5 years their senior makes it tough for their search. The older you get in Los Angeles dating, the more open you should be on the age difference.  Health and fitness is important but we recommend that women over the age of 35 date men 7-10 years their senior.  We give similar advice to men between 40-50 is that they should date up to 7 years younger.

Los Angeles Dating Tip:  Provided that the men meet your “must haves” and are a match emotionally, intellectually, and level of physical activity, then eliminating a potential partner due to age is just silly.

Los Angeles Dating Tip:  Height can be a point of contention for a lot of women.  Women tend to want to date men at least 6 ft tall even if they are petite.  Some women focus so much on the height part but it turns out what they mean is they want the man to be masculine and want their man to have the ability to protect them.

Dating Tip:  You Must Physically Prepare For A Date:

“Men Are Visual Creatures”

Self-care: most women especially independent, successful women feel like they may be selling out if they buy into “men are visual creatures” but practicing self-care (getting your hair and nails should be done more for you because you deserve to pamper yourself and it makes you feel good) gives the attitude that you deserve it and men are attracted to that aura.

Dating Tip:  For online dating, your goal is to look better in person than in photos.

Beyond looks on a first date:

How to be your best self in conversation:

Based on the feedback we get from clients: first date conversations should be fun and light.  Women tell us that men have a tendency to talk too much about work sometimes and women have a tendency to reveal too much emotional baggage like ex-boyfriends, kids, and what not.

So here are some great questions to ask to get to know someone but still have fun:

“Where did you grow up and how did you like that?”

“What is your favorite vacation spot?”

“What are your favorite local spots that you love in Los Angeles?”

“What is do you like to do on weekends?  How about if you are alone?”

So now you have the conversation part down….and you have been positive and so has the guy:

Beyond the conversation, the question about “Chemistry” or “sparks” always comes up for us matchmakers:

These questions are really helpful for women to BOND with men and bonding with men is what creates that “spark” for women.

For men what creates that spark is more visual and can get stronger when a woman is RECEPTIVE to his flirtations

Dating Tip:  Increase your chances of a 2nd date:

Thank him for a great time, dinner, or coffee.  You should follow up with email or phone call the next day.

Be on time-plan for parking, traffic, and finding the place.

Be positive and smile a lot.

Have fun when you are doing this Los Angeles dating game.


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