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Los Angeles Dating Style: Mistakes to Avoid

July 2, 2013 0 Comments

What is the proper Los Angeles dating attire?

When you’re in Los Angeles, dating sounds glamorous.  It’s not if you aren’t having fun, not getting second dates, and if you don’t know how to dress.  You want to make sure you’re not making any mistakes. Everything should be perfect. You only have one shot, and first impressions are very important. Los angeles dating

Los Angeles dating is tough.  It might be that your Los Angeles dating style is not up to date.  You’re dating in Los Angeles but you’re not getting that second date! What is the problemo, you ask? According to some of our date feedbacks in Los Angeles, dating is not easy.  Single men and women say it’s what they’re date is WEARING!

We hear our Los Angeles dating mistakes from ladies

Guys: The ladies are saying your Los Angeles dating style is waaaay too casual. Ladies: The guys are saying they can’t see your figure.  It’s Los Angeles, dating shouldn’t be that tough, should it?

Don’t know what kind of style mistakes you’re making while dating in Los Angeles? Our Hollywood stylist, Rayne Hagstrom can point those out to you. She is amazing at making you LOOK better and FEEL better than you ever thought you could.

When trying to choose an outfit for your first date, the stakes are really high. If you wear inappropriate attire you will most likely be dismissed as a potential mate faster than you can spell Mississippi.

Check out the 3 mistakes below and avoid them when possible…especially when dating someone new. Also, check out Rayne’s special offer below for singles.

Los Angeles Dating tips: Ladies First

1.    Not doing your research about the date:  I know it sounds silly but making this mistake can have you looking really out of place and physically uncomfortable.  Los Angeles dating standards are high.  You have to research the place so you can fit in to the Los Angeles dating scene.  Ask these questions before you start getting ready for a date: Am I going to be standing or sitting? Is the party/barbecue indoors or outdoors? Is the venue/event formal or casual? Will the location be air conditioned? Answering these questions will help you be prepared wherever the date will take you.

2.    Wearing a too revealing outfit:  Men love a woman in a dress that accentuates her figure. However, you don’t want to reveal too much. A mysterious woman is better than one who throws it all in a man’s face right away. Let your date imagine what you look like nude. Don’t give it away. Dress yourself as an elegantly wrapped gift. A general rule of thumb when it comes to
“dressing sexy and classy” is to pick one area to flaunt and only one. If you want to show off your legs, then don’t show too much cleavage.

3.    Wearing the wrong shoes:  Can you imagine wearing a set of spiked heels to the park to play with his dogs or to climb up and down steep bleachers to watch a hockey game? What a disaster! Make sure your shoes are appropriate and comfortable.  Your attention should be on him and if not, you’re soon to be all blisters. If you choose to wear heels, always keep fold-a-flats in your purse or extra shoes in your car.

Los Angeles Dating tips: Men’s Turn

1.    Wearing a black suit: Think twice before you throw on an all-black suit for Los Angeles dating scene, since it can come off as generic, uninviting, and/or looking as if you have something to prove. Focus on a more casual look that gives off a down to earth, friendly, and confident vibe in the Los Angeles dating scene. I suggest a soft cashmere sweater or soft button up shirt, dark colored jeans, black socks, and snazzy shoes. If the date is a little more formal, add a cool blazer or non-black suit with a colorful tie.

2.    Unkempt hair: The condition is so important. Greasy, straggly, and comb-overs are not attractive. Spray some dry shampoo on your hair if it looks greasy and get a very close shave if you are balding. Hanging on to or growing out the strands you have left just looks out-of-date and “stuck in the past.” Let
it go and embrace your new do. Women love to rub a bald head.

3.    Pleats:  Please throw out any pants that have pleats in them. This style went out when Miami Vice, the TV show, went off the air in 1990. Shop for flat-front pants.

When you make fashionably educated choices you will be stylin’ in chicness, comfort, and confidence! Keep these fashion Los Angeles tips in mind on your next date and you’ll be putting your best foot forward!

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