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Los Angeles Matchmaking

Los Angeles Matchmaking matchmakers Katie Chen and May Hui are in the industry of love.  But before there can be love, no matter how loving you are…there has to be dates and great dates that have potential to develop into relationships.  So we want to share with you some highlights on “How to Be Your Best Self on the Date” from our Los Angeles matchmaking experiences.

Los Angeles Matchmaking Company  los angeles matchmaking

Starting a Los Angeles Matchmaking Company didn’t just come to Catch Matchmaking matchmaker Katie one day.  First a little background about her; Katie has a Psychology and Economics degree from UCLA and worked in the corporate world for over 8 years prior to becoming a professional matchmaker.  She has always had interest in people and how they relate to each other and even more so after working in management, interviewing, recruiting and developing employees.  Katie got a lot of satisfaction from seeing people relate well to each other and have meaningful relationships.  From then on, she knew she had a passion to help others connect and make lasting relationships in Los Angeles matchmaking.

Los Angeles Matchmaking Is Not Easy

It’s not easy running a Los Angeles Matchmaking company because there are some alarming statistics that can be discouraging.  The 2000 U.S. census states that there are 28 million single women over the age of 35 vs. only 18 million single men over the age of 35.  Wow, you really have to be a smart and savvy dater to find the one so Los Angeles matchmaking can help.

Obviously this is not the best news for single ladies but never fear when there is a Los Angeles Matchmaking company dedicated to helping the single ladies out there.  Women sign up complimentary to be in our Los Angeles matchmaking database.  We can get you the Los Angeles matchmaking dates but you still have to do the work.

Part of our Los Angeles Matchmaking advice we give to clients is that you can’t be lazy when it comes to dating mental preparation.  Women who seek us out are not just dating to have a good time.  They are dating to find a serious partner and it is like running a marathon.  So, you have to prepare.

How many have you heard the phrase “love will appear when you’re not searching for him”?

As a Los Angeles matchmaking matchmaker, I’m going to say that this is just nonsense.  If you are not looking for love, how is it supposed to happen?  First of all, you need to put your intentions out there in the universe so it will come to you.  Once you admit that you want to be in a relationship and that you are looking for someone, you will make conscious decisions to flirt with the guy in front of you at the supermarket, or dress nicely wherever you step out of the house, and do your hair so you always look presentable.

There are things you can do to increase your odds of meeting a great person:  Let some family members and friends who you trust, know you are single and that you’d be open to being set up.  Tell them some things you are looking for in a partner.  You’d be surprised who they know or think of if you propose this question to them.


If you’ve never tried online dating, give it a shot.  Make sure you post recent pictures taken within the last month and be very honest in your profile.  Yes, that means your age and weight.


Lastly, you can hire a matchmaker to do the work for you.  We work with a lot of busy professionals or people who are knew in the dating scene again, who want to meet someone but just don’t have the time, resources, or support to get out there in the dating world.  So, we are like their dating cheerleaders.  We help coach them, guide them, make suggestions, and give them honest feedback from their dates.  Los Angeles matchmaking services might just be what you need!

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