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Los Angeles Singles Events

Los Angeles Singles Events are about every weekend.  “I’ve never been to a Los Angeles Singles Event before!” Sarah exclaimed.  She was told about one of the very popular Los Angeles Singles Events called Unlock The Night.  She wondered what Los Angeles Singles Events were like and was curious to find out.  Sarah grabbed her sister to Boulevard 3.  Could one find love in Hollywood at an Unlock The Night Party?  Do romantic comedies gave an exact portrayal of single activities people sometimes are afraid to go to but deep inside want to check out anyway?  Even if someone risk meeting those Mr. Wrong’s that movies poke fun at, will we at some point meet Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Decent for now at Los Angeles Singles Events? That’s what Sarah wanted to find out.

Los Angeles Singles Events:  Who Should One Bring? los angeles singles events

One can invite a sibling or best friends to come to Los Angeles Singles Events.  The more the merrier is always the philosophy at these Los Angeles Singles Events.  At around 7:35pm, Sarah arrived with her friends.  They arrived in front of the venue after valeting their car.  Greeters of the event were wearing at least one item that was red and looked very professional.  They were also very friendly and gave us a warm welcome.  Upon entering the party, I was surprised at what I found and thought that these Los Angeles Singles Events are so bad after all.

Los Angeles Singles Events and The Action

Los Angeles Singles Events are usually dimly lit inside like a club and this one was no different.  This place was relaxing like a lounge. The music was very upbeat. It wasn’t club or dancing music but perfect background music for an event where people can talk and not yell at each other. To the far right, volunteers of the event were giving out locks and keys to guests. The lock and key strategy is very clever. Guys would get keys while the women would get locks. The goal for these people was to find the key that matched their lock so that they can enter to win a prize. Even though some people couldn’t find their lock/key match, at least it got them meet other people, which was what the event planners wanted to happen.

Los Angeles Singles Event:  In Conclusion & Thoughts

So, Sarah was actually very impressed by the venue. It was very beautiful and chic.  The people attending were really nice. There was diversity in the crowd, which allowed them to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. They were very polite, not creepy or desperate like some people think they’d be. They were having fun with meeting new people, which is everyone’s goal is at a mixer.  All in all, the event was a success and totally broke down my previous views on singles mixers.  What a great way to meet someone.  Totally non-intimidating and Sarah can see why so many people come alone, too.  It forces them to talk to new friends.  If these type of Los Angeles Singles Events sound like fun to you, you should join us.