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Matchmaking in Los Angeles: Keeps us on our toes

Matchmaking in Los Angeles certainly keeps the Catch Matchmaking team on our toes!  Even after having decades of matchmaking experience, backgrounds in Psychology, Communications, Sociology, and recruiting experience as a team, there’s still no short cut to learning about singles and what they are all about.   To be effective with matchmaking in Los Angeles, our team has to sift through countless profiles, note how singles communicate with us, decide if their photos are accurate (and if the photos make them marketable!),  note their style when we grill them in person,  and dig beyond what they say on their profile when we meet them (and pick up on what they don’t tell us!)  As personal matchmakers matchmaking in Los Angeles,  we meet so many dynamic personalities and fortunately when we peel the layers back, singles come to us to find someone special and to feel special in return.

Matchmaking in Los Angeles: The neurotic sides  matchmaking in los angeles

Hey, matchmaking in Los Angeles wouldn’t be matchmaking Los Angeles if there weren’t some neurotic sides to share!  We work with some of the most wonderful and dynamic singles who are making great effort to meet someone special, but those are not the matchmaking in Los Angeles stories that friends as me for nor I am sure you guys are here for!  Once in a while, we come across a prince charming who is a billionaire, lives by the ocean,  has a charming English accent,  is even 6 feet tall, chiseled face and body who is single in his 50’s because he’s picky of course.  But when we’re matchmaking in Los Angeles and as consistent as we are, we are full of surprises in our hats….if the ‘impossible girl’ exists we will find her!  We found the perfect girl for prince charming, who is model quality, worldly, classy, has an MBA from a school he approves but this dream becoming reality was too much for prince charming.  His game falls apart, he plans the most uninteresting dates despites the advice from matchmaking in Los Angeles and he can’t stop complimenting her on a first date, texts her dozens of times in a day, leaving her feeling too much too soon!

Matchmaking in Los Angeles: Is So Much Fun!

I find that matchmaking in Los Angeles has some challenges just like anything that involves juggling personalities but it is so much fun because of the team at Catch Matchmaking!   It’s fun to be matchmaking in Los Angeles because we always feel that there’s an abundance of great singles when we have each other’s networks and skills to rely on.  When I am matchmaking in Los Angeles and get stuck on a client, I can always count on May to rattle off some great matches or Sarah who as just spotted his exact type out and about and already digging in!  Matchmaking in Los Angeles also gets the attention of many international partners in Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo since we have such a diverse singles population in L.A. so it’s never a dull moment.

Matchmaking in Los Angeles: Simple But Not Easy

There’s the thought that something can be simple, but not necessarily easy and that certainly applies to matchmaking in Los Angeles.  Why is matchmaking in Los Angeles simple?  Well, most singles are just looking for someone they can accept and someone who can accept them.  That’s simple.  We find that when matchmaking in Los Angeles the set of criteria that each single brings to the table is not easy for them to find using their own limited time and social networks.  As matchmakers, matchmaking in Los Angeles, we devote the time to find and interview countless singles who meet the criteria of our clients because it’s also a numbers game.  The search continues until there is mutual chemistry.  But matchmaking in Los Angeles is a shortcut to narrowing down what floats your boat and meeting those singles to increase your chance of finding one!

Matchmaking in Los Angeles: Has Happy Endings

We love happy endings when matchmaking in Los Angeles!  We can’t think of too many lines of work where one gets to experience the joy of enriching not only one life but two lives that quite compares to matchmaking in Los Angeles.  After all the hard work matchmaking in Los Angeles, it’s great to see successful matches that we bring together.  We love hearing guys who are picky and still searching at 40 years old say about a match that she is marriage potential and we are heading in that direction!   We also just celebrated a young married couple in their 30’s welcoming a new baby boy into their family and it’s so great to know we brought them together and helped them clear up the miscues during their first few dates.  Good thing!  It’s a happy beginning for another couple in their 60’s to be meeting each other’s friends and going on a boating trip with each other to see if they can share in each other’s lives…it’s cute how across the board, no matter the age range, it’s about similar things like passing the friend test, the hobby test, etc. and that’s what makes matchmaking in Los Angeles a happy ending for us!