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Matchmaking Service: How To Choose One

We at Catch Matchmaking Los Angeles, often get asked how to choose a matchmaking service that is right for you.  So, we thought we’d help our readers out there decide how to do so.

Researching a matchmaking service can be difficult and intimidating if you are not armed with some fact-finding questions.  You should always refer to a company’s FAQ’s as well on their website.

Here are some tips for you when trying to figure out if signing up with a matchmaking service is right for you:  matchmaking service

  • Do you know how long this LA Matchmaker has been running their matchmaking service?  Are they a full time matchmaking service matchmaker or do they do hair or are they a stylist on the side?
  • Who is going to be doing your matching at this matchmaking service once you sign up with them?  Are they just a $15/hour employee who goes through the motions or are you working with someone who has experience and are actually talking to the potential matches?
  • Does your LA Matchmaker love her job?  What is their turnover at the company?  This shows how happy they are working for this matchmaking service.
  • Do they really have a bunch of matchmaking service offices or are they just people they know in each city who claims they are an office in that city?
  • Do you and your LA Matchmaker’s personality mesh, because you will be working together for about six months to a year?
  • Does this matchmaking service give the woman’s number to the guy?  What is the process?  Or do they set up the date for you?
  • What’s the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau? Any complaints logged on the company?  Also, check their reputation online by searching for reviews or Google them.
  • How does this matchmaking service screen their clients and potential matches?
  • Where does the matchmaking service find your potential match?  What criteria do they use?

Additional Questions To Ask When Choosing The Right Matchmaking Service For You:

  • Will your LA Matchmaker send you a profile and photo of your potential match?
  • How does this matchmaking service attract new clients?  Do they spend a lot of money advertising in high end magazine, billboards, or other means and then passing on this cost to you?
  • How many members are in this matchmaking service’s database?
  • How much does this matchmaking service charge in fees?
  • Does this matchmaking service have testimonials and references for you?
  • How do you want to communicate with your LA Matchmaker?  Email, phone, text, etc?
  • How many introductions will your LA Matchmaker guarantee for the duration of your membership?  What type of packages do they offer?
  • What is this matchmaking service’s success rate?  How does your LA Matchmaker define success?