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5 Things That Say “He’s A Keeper”

January 31, 2017

5 Things That Say ‘He’s A Keeper’

When you first fall for someone, it’s really hard to tell whether or not the mad rush of feelings you’re engulfed in are based in reality. Your brain reacts to love in much the same way that it reacts to drugs like cocaine – so your sense of rationality is pretty impaired during those first few weeks. If you’re not sure whether the man you’re falling for is the real deal, or whether your lovestruck brain is fooling you, it helps to have a few pointers to look out for. Here are 5 signs which may help you to decide that he’s a keeper.

1 – He Respects Your Time

A man who regularly turns up seriously late, frequently misses appointments, and, on a whim changes or sacks off plans he’s made with you is seeing you as something which he can use as it suits him. On the other hand, someone who does his best to be where he said he would, at the time you agreed, is someone who values your company, thinks time with you is important, and respects you as a person.

2 – He Acknowledges (And Forgives) Your Faults

If a man puts you on a pedestal, and refuses to see your humanity, your relationship is going nowhere. If the ‘real you’ doesn’t fit the picture he’s painted of you in his head, he’ll respond badly when he realizes. However, someone who sees and loves the ‘real you’ is worth pursuing. Pick a man who wants a human girlfriend, not a man who will plaster his own fantasies onto your image. Look for men who are willing to accept and support you through your anxieties, your insecurities, and your flaws. The key word here is ‘support’ – someone who acknowledges your faults but then uses them as a stick to beat you with is not worth your effort.  meet high quality men

3 – He Involves You In His Life

One of the best signs that a man is up for something a bit more serious is that he involves you in his life. He wants you to meet his friends. He wants you to meet his parents. He makes space for you in his routine, rather than treating you as an evening’s entertainment on the side. A man who is willing to integrate you into his life, even when it means altering the way he does things, is a man who will be willing to work with you on building a great future.

4 – He Checks In With You

Ok, there’s an element of personal norms to consider here. Some people are better at keeping in contact with others, and some people need more ‘space’ than others. However, as a rule of thumb, a guy who texts you without being prompted, when he’s not actively looking for a hookup, is a guy who actually cares about you and wants to communicate with you. That’s a pretty good sign.

5 – He Doesn’t Bitch About His Exes

The best predictor of one’s future is often one’s past. If your crush is constantly smack talking about his exes, then it’s a fair bet that either he’s not over them, or he’ll one day be talking about you in the same terms. Demonizing his exes without acknowledging his own part in a poor relationship is a pretty good indicator that he doesn’t have the necessary skills to keep a relationship afloat. He needs to do some soul searching and growing up before he’s ready for something serious with you.


By Anne Cable

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