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Meet Singles and Get the Best Dating Experience

July 2, 2014 0 Comments

Meet singles through a service.  Catch Matchmaking, owned by Katie Chen and May Hui, ages 36 and 41 respectively as of 2013, occupies a beautifully furnished office space on the first floor a building near Beverly Hills, where the county’s wealthiest congregate to shop and dine. There are a lot of cute places to eat nearby and a lot of people out and about walking around.  Come in, interview with them, and meet singles.

Walking in, the singles, in their 20s to 40s, are promptly greeted by the friendly personal matchmaker Karli Greenstein, one of Catch Matchmaking’s finest matchmakers. She is an intelligent and young matchmaker herself, who is petite, slender, and has a winning smile. She’s got the charm, super friendly, and a personality to match it. Karli’s passion was in fashion but found her calling as a Personal Matchmaker at Catch Matchmaking.

Meet Singles and Find Your Better Half

“I love when a guy comes in and he has a lot of ways to meet singles through us.  I’ve always loved relationships as a concept. People should find their other half. There are so many great singles out there. Get going and meet singles.  If only everyone would give that person three dates. We’d have more people paired off if people weren’t so judgmental right off the bat.” Karli said.

The vision of Catch Matchmaking is to connect two people who would never have the opportunity to meet on their own.  It’s not easy to meet singles in LA.

Karli lives by this philosophy.  meet singles

“You can go to the bars any night of the week, but those are not the kind of people you’d want to meet,” explained Karli.  “To make up for this, Catch Matchmaking hosts niche speed datings: meet singles who are parents, meet singles who are gay and male, meet singles who are Jewish, meet singles who are childless, etc.”   They also have 20s and 30s, 30s and 40s, 50s and 60s, Asian, Asian to Western, and Elite single parties. There are at least two speed datings in any given month. These cocktail speed dating parties are very popular and this is where like-minded singles can meet, usually held at a fancy local venue or a down to Earth pub.  Some meet singles are our public parties and some are invite only.  Catch Matchmaking caters to the Career Guy and Gal next door. Their one on one matchmaking is very controlled and very selective, to increase the possibilities of new relationships, and generally consists of intelligent and successful individuals who just happen to be single.  No matter what route you choose, you will meet singles through us.

“LA is more of a singles place. Many of the thirty-somethings have established their careers and the twenty somethings are still finding themselves.” Hui said, stressing the importance of ensuring that singles should meet in their late 20s and early 30s on their own, and they should hire a matchmaker when they are getting more serious. Catch Matchmaking does not cater to the super rich who want to date super hot. To prevent this, she and Chen do not encourage an age different greater than 15 years among their many hopeful clients.

Chen and Hui follow up with their clients after the first three dates.    “Feedback is very valuable,” Chen said. Catch Matchmaking share what each person thinks about the other, making small suggestions to improve connections between singles, and in return, clients share their private conversations and positive experiences.

In June, a client named Corey, who has been a Catch client for several months, emailed Chen with excellent news.

“Sharon just called and was so excited about the ring when he proposed.” Corey. “I’m so happy you introduced us. You will be at our wedding for sure!” A printout of Corey’s email is the first page of Catch Matchmaking’s book of laminated testimonials from clients, which sits the table at the front office.

Hui and Chen also facilitate communication between couples in the earliest stages of dating, which might be the most effective way they help people.

Last year, a woman called Hui in frustration. She was about to go on her fourth date with an attractive and successful man Hui had set her up with, but concerned that the man didn’t actually like her. He seemed to shy away from any strong flirtations.

“He’s a great guy, but when is he going to make his move?” she asked Hui. “We’re going out on our fourth date, but I don’t think he even likes me!”

“Just be patient,” Hui had said. “Give it some time. He definitely likes you!”

Since the couple was still in the early stages of dating at the time, Hui was still following up with both man and woman after each date.

“Every time I try to kiss her, she shifts her body away like she doesn’t want to be kissed,” the man had explained to Hui during a follow up call.

“You just need to kiss her!” Hui insisted.

Their wedding is next week. Chen is attending.

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