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A Message From Our Founders

May & KatieHello, we are May Hui and Katie Chen and thank you for visiting our site.  We look forward to getting to know you better!  You may be browsing and wondering why finding someone special could be so difficult in a world of turbo internet and reliance on computer algorithms to that make our lives incredibly efficient.  If youve been are a been told that by friends, family and/or co-workers that you are a catch, imagine how much harder finding someone special could be for someone who isnt a catch!  Dont get too excited that being a catch gives you a leg up.  It does make you eligible and desirable and lets face it, your success is our success because our odds of finding you someone special increases when you are in a stage where you are stable, in health, mind, career, and lifestyle, making you a good catch.  But that also means when you are looking for a more meaningful relationship, the more you feel you have to offer, you will naturally be more selective.  This is a need where the even the fastest internet and best match algorithms cannot tackle.

 We hatched Catch Matchmaking in 2009 to serve this exact need amongst busy professionals and successful entrepreneurs whose chances of finding someone special takes more than a linear search.  If it were as easy as simply being ready for a relationship, followed by meeting a certain amount of dates during a specified time period, as long as those dates meet a set of criteria, and a great relationship should blossom, then that would be simple.  Our formal matchmaking experience and pounding the pavement to interview singles at mixers, charities, and professional groups, along with date coaches, and other matchmakers, suggest that personalized attention is key to helping and giving feedback accurately and quickly to the singles we work with so that they can get closer to their dating goals.  This is not a cookie-cutter service.  As professionals having worked in the corporate world, we also value measurable results gained through structure and systems and appreciate that as an eligible single catch, you are approaching us for a productive result.  We do not guarantee finding you a wife or boyfriend.  But we do guarantee that we will work hard on your behalf and treat you like we expect to be treated in your shoes, with honesty, care and personal attention. We invite you to be proactive and experience our unique approach that employs both methodology and intuition, to deliver dating services in a professional, personalized manner.