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Online Dating-How To Avoid The Weirdos

February 10, 2017

Online Dating – How To Avoid The Weirdos online dating

Not so very long ago, those who looked for love online (or through a dating agency) were seen as a bit pathetic. The implication (however unfair) in many people’s eyes was that these people simply weren’t up to the challenge of finding a soulmate in the ‘real world’. Now, however, everything has changed. Online dating is not only a perfectly acceptable way to meet the love of your life – lots of people even think it’s preferable to more conventional means. After all, it cuts out a lot of the uncertainty and awkwardness of asking someone out in real life, and matchmaking services like ours provide customers with an opportunity to meet the perfect partner that they may not experience in the outside world. However, in recent years, there have been a few scare stories about people with less honorable intentions using online dating services. This makes some wary about taking what is otherwise an excellent opportunity to find true love. Don’t worry – we’re here to give you a quick guide to avoiding the ‘weirdos’ in the world of online dating!

Use The Right Agency

Some dating services are better than others. Ours, for example, takes care to learn about our clients before we start pairing them up. This allows us to establish pretty quickly when someone is genuinely looking for love, or whether they have rather more dubious intentions. In general, you get what you pay for with dating services – and it’s well worth going with an agency or website which offers a more polished, thorough, and professional service. Free apps or free sites are convenient, and it’s not impossible to meet someone using them – but they are also a bit of a minefield. A lot of weirdos hang out on free sites, and some of them sound very plausible. Plus, some of these sites are a hive of viruses, which won’t do your devices any good at all – you might as well pay for a dating service as pay for the damage insurance you’ll need for using free, buggy sites! If someone has paid to use a service, chances are they’re taking it more seriously than if they haven’t. To reduce your chances of getting involved with someone who may treat you badly, use a proper, professional dating service.

Analyze Their Profile

It goes without saying that you’ll probably read through someone’s profile before deciding whether or not to pursue something with them – but it’s worth applying a little analysis to what you see there. For example, look through their pics. Are they all taken in one room, or in the bathroom mirror? Can you see any evidence of healthy social behaviors, or do the photos show an isolated individual? What do the things you see in the background say about them as a person? Are there any red flags in their bio? Bitching about exes, or describing themselves as a ‘nice guy who always ends up on the friend zone’ should ring warning bells.

Research Them

Most people have an online presence beyond their dating profiles. Do a bit of research into anyone who contacts you. Look up their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. Google them – a quick search will often tell you of they’ve been in trouble with the law before. Many people present themselves beautifully on dating sites, but their social media tells the true story. Of course, they may well have their privacy settings locked down, but it’s still worth doing a quick online check of any potential new lover just in case!

Be Wary Of Generic Messages

There is a tendency among certain people to bombard people with copied-and-pasted generic messages. These people usually don’t actually want to deal with you because they are interested in you, personally. They’re just out for what they can get. If a message doesn’t mention anything specific about your profile, or otherwise seem tailored to you, chances are that they haven’t really looked at your profile at all. They are simply trying it on, and you’re unlikely to be the only person they’re trying it on with at any one time. Furthermore, if they haven’t bothered to actually look through your profile, chances are they’re not going to bother to get to know you. Ignore, and move on.


By Anne Cable

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