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Online Dating Profile Tips

December 10, 2014 0 Comments

Online Dating Profile Tips

Online Dating Profile Tips coming from a matchmaker can be pretty valuable.  If I am giving you online dating profile tips, you know they have to be good ones.  Some might think it’s counterproductive for our company for me to give online dating profile tips but hey, I’m about making connections and if these online dating profile tips can help you out, then that’s awesome.  I’ve been a matchmaker for many years now and some might not agree with these online dating profile tips but I’m going to list them here anyway.  If you have a problem with these online dating profile tips, then email me because I’d love to know if you disagree with them.

Online Dating Profile Tips for the Savvy Daters online dating profile tips

One of the best online dating profile tips I can give you is that if you are going to be on multiple online dating sites, please don’t use the same photos on all of the sites.  You should use all different photos.  You might even want to change up the username so it is not all the same.  And definitely make sure your profiles aren’t copied and pasted to sound the same on all three sites or multiple dating sites.

For example, if you are on OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and Match, then try to sound like three different people in them. Maybe sounding like three different people isn’t what I’m trying to say.  I’m saying convey your thoughts and answers in a way that you think sounds like you, the unique you, but without trying to hard to sound clever or try so hard.  You can kind of ramble on like the way I’m rambling on, but just make sure you don’t have any misspellings and grammatical errors.  Too many run-on sentences can be annoying as well.

Try not to sound too mechanical or boring in the descriptions of yourself.  You can use emoticons to lighten the mood, but let’s keep it to two happy faces total. Any more than that, it can also be annoying.

Since we are in LA, any mention of you being a child actor can and is a turnoff, even though you now have a real job, because he or she thinks that your dream is to be an actor again.  That was in the past so you can leave it there.

It’s great to sound like you have a life but to say you are busy, focused on your career, or mention of your senior status with a company.  That is a turnoff for the men.  He wants you to have your stuff together and you do, but he’s not looking for you to be more successful, regardless of what he says.  Besides, if you are looking for a high power man, he is not going to comb through the profiles to find a high power woman.

Whether you are getting online dating profile tips from friends or family, know that you are the one responsible for your profile.  You shouldn’t upload photos with friends who are better looking than you.  It’s best to crop them off part of the way so they are not fully visible but lets the viewer know you have friends.  If you mention in the profile somewhere that the photos are recent, that is great.  Make sure they are within the last 3 months.  You will score points with that.  If you think you don’t look any different from a year ago or two years ago, sadly you are wrong.  You do look different so don’t post any photos older than 3 months.  Make sure you have at least five photos uploaded.  Two that are full length photos.  Three headshot photos are great.  No sunglasses, no hats, and try to wear your hair down.  Wear your hair down on the date as well.  If you post really pretty photos of you, you better look like that on the date.  Men, be careful that you don’t wear the same shirt as in your photos.  That happens a lot and she does notice.

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