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Online Dating Tips For Men

April 12, 2013 0 Comments

Online Dating Tip For Men:  Here at Catch Matchmaking, we know that dating in Los Angeles can be fun and challenging at the same time. There are tons of singles dating in Los Angeles, but how do we connect with these people who are available and relationship-minded? There are a variety of ways to do that. When giving online dating tips for men, we try to keep it practical.  Men are most likely meeting other singles at bars or clubs or through friends and family members. There are also other strategies that some people use but are too shy to admit: Online dating, singles mixers, speed dating and matchmaking. These forms of dating are not for everyone but they’re effective ways to actually meet single people and finally find the one you’re looking for in a relationship.  Here are some online dating tips for men from our matchmakers.

Online Dating Tips For Men:  Online Advantages

1.      It’s Good for Busy Professionals: online dating tips for men

Sometimes it’s hard for people to meet singles if they’re working 10-12 hours per day, working weekends, or making long commutes from their home to work. These things make dating in Los Angeles and meeting singles a challenge. With online dating, you need to put time aside each night to check your emails and send out emails.  Plan on sending 20 a night and make them personalized so the women don’t think you are copying and pasting.  Mention something specific about their profiles that intrigues you.  Have the app on your phone for easy access so you can check your messages while waiting in line at the bank or grocery store.  Don’t reply until you are at home on a computer to respond grammatically correct and with good spelling.  

2.      Select what you’re Looking For:

With online dating, you can be select with the type of single person you’re looking for. This is one of the best online dating tips for men.  Only email ones you really would want to meet.  Don’t waste time with people you have no interest in.  You don’t need to get replies to boost your ego.  If you want to find someone within your own city, you can do a search for singles in your own area. If you’re looking for someone in a certain age group, you can do a search for that too. Online dating makes searching for what you’re looking for easier unlike bars/clubs, where what you see is what you get.  Just don’t get too picky and think grass is greeener, which is often what happens with online dating.  There are so many options, people are burning through the people without giving someone a real chance.  A rule of thumb might be to subtract two inches off the guy’s height from what he posts online.  Ask women if those pics they posted are recent within the last three months.

3.      You can learn more about them:

Ever approached someone and had nothing to ask? Wish you knew more about that person? You can with online dating, where singles fill out a profile. You can find out where they’re from, what their interests are, what their favorite movies are, etc. When you read these profiles, you can inquire more on these things once you get to meet them in person for a date.  The successful online daters don’t send the same generic emails to all the ladies.  They comment on a specific part of the profile or picture to separate themselves from the other guys.  This was part of the online dating tips for men we mentioned earlier.  We are repeating it because it’s so important.

4.      Some Online Dating Websites are Cheap/Free:

Some online dating sites are not that expensive and then there are free ones as well. Online dating tips for men:  do a couple of sites at the same time.  Do a little bit of searching, and you might find one that your wallet will love. If you want to pay for an online dating service, choose a package that’s reasonable that you think you’ll stick to. Some free ones to try are Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, etc.  Just remember to cancel your subscription once you find that special someone.  Be careful that the paid sites have you on auto-renewal.  The trick is to call them up as soon as you realize their is a charge and make sure you aren’t loggin into your profile and ask them to reverse the charge.  Online sites are a crap shoot.  I’ve got friends who had success on paid sites and free sites so not one is better than the other.

5.      Hundreds of people sign up:

More online dating tips for men: a lot of people sign up for online dating, so you don’t have to worry about not meeting a lot of people to get to your one and only. There are always new people signing up daily, so don’t get discouraged.  Singles always find new ways to reach out to others, and online dating is just one of them. You know the saying: There are plenty of fish in the sea.  Men, know that no matter how many online dating tips for men you get, online dating is like a full time job.  You need to log on, check your messages, send them, put some time into your profile, return messages, answer your phone, call someone back within 24 hours, and be a good dater.  Have fun and keep a positive attitude.


Dating in Los Angeles: Offline Dating Advantages

1.     It’s Good for Busy Professionals:

Sick of these online dating tips for men?  Well, dating offline can also be good for busy professionals. If one person is really pressed for time, speed dating might be a good choice for them. If they don’t have time during the weekdays to meet someone, going to a singles mixer for one night during the weekend would be perfect for them. Personal matchmaking is also good for busy professionals because the matchmakers they work with are the ones looking for their potential partners. The only hard work they would have is choosing to date someone and the dating itself.  Their matchmaker arranges the date, presents them people who’ve already said yes to them (in most cases), and get the date feedback afterwards.  Even the busiest professional can be successful in love with the help of a matchmaker.

2.      Offline Dating is also Fun:   

You don’t need online dating tips for men if you get out there.  We always see movies poke fun at speed dating and singles mixers because they are portrayed as a last resort for the lonely and desperate. These forms of singles events are not made to make people feel uncomfortable. They are actually fun activities that singles like to mingle in. At speed dating, people are given a challenge to see how much info they can give to the person in front of them in less than 5 minutes. At a singles mixer, men are given a key and women are given a lock to find a match to their item. These activities are like games and that’s why people find them intriguing and, in the end, fun.  No room for social awkward people though so make sure you have some social skills before attending these events.  Matchmakers pick out the coolest places for you on dates and make your life that much easier!

3.      You Know that They’re Single:                     

When you go to a bar or club, you don’t know if the person you’re talking to is single or not. With personal matchmaking, matchmakers make sure that the person is single and ready for a relationship. Throw those online dating tips for men out the window.  Hire a matchmaker.  There’s no need to guess if a person from a matchmaker is available or not. When someone signs up with a matchmaker, they have invested a lot to find a person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.  There are less flakes, more relationship-minded folks, and know who they are looking for when dealing with a matchmaker.

4.      Meeting a lot of Singles in Person:

With offline dating, you get to meet several people in person unlike online dating. At singles mixers, you can meet as many as 200 people in one night. You get to see what they really look like in person.  No fancy pictures to show their best sides.  At speed dating events, you get to meet 9 singles in less than an hour. With person matchmaking, you are introduced to several single people as well. No matter what form of offline dating you’re doing, you’re guaranteed to meet a lot of singles.  The matchmaker verifies that the person you are meeting looks like the one in the picture!  

5.      You get more Bang for your Buck:

Speed dating and singles mixer tickets don’t cost much; most cost around $25 dollars. With that $25, you are meeting several singles in one night at a very stylish venue. Personal matchmaking costs more but it’s worth the investment because you would be hiring a professional who is an expert in finding good quality singles.  The money and time you save on bad dates outweighs the investment with hiring a personal matchmaker.  Just think of your matchmaker as your recruiter for you in finding the ONE.  When it comes to finding love, the best way to increase your odds is doing something different than what you normally are doing today.  More online dating tips for men at our youtube channel.
So those are our pros of online and offline dating. The online dating tips for men are great.  For more online dating tips for men like these, check out our website.  Online dating works while offline dating works for others. Sometimes people use both to double their chances of finding love. People have been successful in using both forms of dating and they can be fun, informative and rewarding.  If you have other online dating tips for men, share them with us.  If you thought these online dating tips for men are old fashioned, tell us.
If you find that offline dating works more for you and you want a more personalized search, working with a matchmaker might be for you. Start out by filling out a free and confidential profile with Catch Matchmaking and we’ll find your Catch!
Consultation is free (valued $147).  These online dating tips for men has worked for a lot of men we know.  Good luck in your search.  

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