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Online Matchmaking Service To The Next Level

Catch Matchmaking Is Unlike Online Matchmaking Service Because Our Database Is Current With Real Candidates:  Why not go to someone who has the resources to help you meet other professionals who are outside of your social circle?  An online matchmaking service might have old profiles that are not real.  You can’t rely on an online matchmaking service to find your soulmate.  You need humans to be part of the equation.  Hands on matchmakers will never be replaced by an online matchmaking service.

Catch Matchmaking Differs Than Online Matchmaking Service because we are boutique, not the internet  online matchmaking service

Be cautious of the service you receive from a chain matchmaking company.  They don’t usually have your best interests at heart, but rather they are watching out for their profits, monthly memberships online.  At a boutique agency, it’s smaller.  You get the attention you deserve and someone you can count on.

Catch Matchmaking Meets Matches In Person, Not Some Computer Program Fixing You Up When You Go Through An Online Matchmaking Service 

Why go out with the wrong people when your real life matchmaker can screen them for you?  An online matchmaking service has a computer program that matches you up without taking into consideration of your personality, quirks, and who you truly are.    Catch Matchmaking picks people you should be dating vs. online matchmaking service goes off a profile.  Why not break out of the online matchmaking service rut and get out of those bad dating patterns and date people who you should be dating?  Your LA Matchmaker has your best interests at heart and will get you out of your rut.

Dating Is A Numbers Game:  Let’s face it, dating is a numbers game.  When you are pressed for time if you want children, why leave it to chance and an online matchmaking service when you can hire the real thing?  If you want to increase your odds of finding the right partner, working with an LA Matchmaker can help because she is always on the lookout for you.  When there is a new client who signs up, guess who get to meet them first?  YOU!

Your Online Matchmaking Service Can’t Put The Fun Back Into Dating:  How nice is it to meet someone one-on-one on a real date and not hoping you’ll get lucky on a Friday night at a bar?  When two people are relationship minded and marriage-minded, the chances of success are greater in finding your true love.  Dating should be fun, not a chore, or a full-time job like when you do online dating.  When you have a matchmaker working for you, the fun begins again.

Your LA Matchmaker Works Hard For You And Your Online Matchmaking Service Doesn’t: Your LA Matchmaker’s job is to find you suitable matches who are pre-screened.  No more hoping he’s taller than he says or she’s as thin as she says.  Let your LA Matchmaker verify their age, height, weight, occupation, and other things that are important to you.

Your LA Matchmaker represents you; Your Online Matchmaking Service Can’t Do That:  It’s great to have someone represent you so they can say all the great things about you and why that person should meet you.  It’s great when you don’t have to fend for yourself out there in the dating world.  You have an LA Matchmaker in your corner and that helps with your confidence piece in the other areas of your life:  work, social, and family.

Hiring a one-on-one matchmaker is going to be more effective than trusting your love life to an online matchmaking service.