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Online Speed Dating

Online speed dating is very popular and for some people, it’s the preferred way of dating.  No longer are the bars or clubs the way to meet people, but online speed dating is…especially if you are in your 30’s and up.  Whether you are a successful businessman, professional, or a blue collar worker, online speed dating is fun and a lot of people have success from it.  Online speed dating is great because for those people who are superficial, you see your dates right away and get a feel for who they are when you chat at an online speed dating event.

Online Speed Dating Is Not A Singles Mixer

Online speed dating is unlike anything you’ve ever done before.  It’s not a singles mixer.  An online speed dating is more structured and has an agenda.  The online speed dating starts at a certain time and is expected to end at a certain time.  Online speed dating is not like online dating in that you pretty much know who someone is when they are in front of you.  You can see how someone looks or groom themselves on a first date because they are encouraged to dress like they would on a first date.

Online Speed Dating Is Painless  online speed dating

Online speed dating takes place for about 4-6 minutes at each round, depending on which online speed dating company you go to.  The girls sit on one side and stay put.  The guys go from one table to the next and expected to move.  At an online speed dating event, you should start off by being friendly, maybe a handshake if you are comfortable with that, and always smile.  People who smile get chosen more than unsmiling people.  Make sure you make your notes about whether you want to see that person again so you know in case they contact you.

Online Speed Dating Is Like Having 8 Dates In One Night

Online speed dating is a great way to meet 8-12 people in one night.  If you don’t make a love connection at an online speed dating, at least you might make a networking connection or business connection.  You never know what happens at an online speed dating.  Make sure you take notes on your dates, such as what they look like, what your impression was what you met him or her, even if you don’t want to connect with him or her.  The reason why you need to do this is because if the contact you later, you want to know if you should she them or not.

So, are you open to trying an online speed dating event?   Events located here.  Online Speed Dating might be the answer to your dating life!