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Professional Matchmaking Service

The testimonials are in for the #1 Professional Matchmaking Service in Los Angeles! Catch Matchmaking is the #1 professional matchmaking service in Los Angeles that customers leave satisfied because they have a 71% success rate.  If you are trying to find a professional matchmaking service, look no further.  Katie and May’s intuitive, hands-on approach works and no wonder their clients rave about how they are the most professional matchmaking service in town.  With thousands of people in their “DATE-A-BASE,” people are happy to know that they are meeting great singles who are relationship-minded. People can feel safe and satisfied meeting people through this professional matchmaking service Catch Matchmaking, because unlike online dating websites, personal matchmakers Katie and May prescreen singles and get to know them before they set them up on dates.  It’s no wonder people who sign up for this professional matchmaking service are so happy in love in the end.  Check out our testimonials.


“I think Katie is a very good matchmaker. I hear a lot of great things about her all the time. She’s very intuitive and can read people very well, especially on the unspoken things, which are so key to making good introductions between strangers. She’s introduced me to some interesting, sharp and attractive women. I’m really glad to have become a client.” – George

“I would definitely recommend using Catch Matchmaking, because I was burnt out from internet dating. I loved being able to meet with May and for her to sincerely listen to what I wanted in a guy (3 must haves, 3 deal breakers). She also collected information on myself, ranging from how close I was to my family and what I physically wanted in a man. This personalized attention is something that you can’t get from another dating avenue.” -Tanya

“While I didn’t necessarily meet the love of my life (yet), the whole process definitely helped me to understand a lot more of what I was looking for in a relationship.  That’s what I’m most appreciative of.  Now I’m armed with new knowledge about myself to become a better dater.  Thanks Katie and May.” –Hanwei

So why are clients satisfied with this professional matchmaking service and their services?  professional matchmaking service

“Our clients are so satisfied with our services because they get to work with Katie and myself personally,” said Personal Matchmaker May Hui. May works with less than 30 male clients intimately and communicates with them regularly.

“They want to work with someone who has ownership in the company, not some $20/hour person other agencies hire to ‘match’ their clients when they’ve never even met them,” she said. “You need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about a client so you really get who they are and we do!  Our clients trust us.  Period.”

How Catch Matchmaking is defined as a professional matchmaking service

At this professional matchmaking service Catch Matchmaking, May and Katie get to know both the clients and who they are matching them up with on a personal level so there is a greater chance the two will develop a relationship.  May and Katie want each client’s dating experience to be fun and easy.  Client satisfaction and taking the matchmakers’ advice is the key to their professional matchmaking service success.