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Speed Date: The New Way To Find Love

May 16, 2013 0 Comments

speed date

Speed Date Is Gaining Popularity speed date

Speed date is the new black.  So your friends have asked you to join them for a dinner party or an evening out, and you did accept the invitation.  You don’t make excuses. That didn’t work out so well.  You got all dressed up for one guy.  Well, next time you can wash your hair and get all dolled up to meet 10-15 guys in one night if you do a speed date.  Speed date is the cool thing to do and it’s very popular all over the world with different themes.

Speed date is quick, so commit to saying “YES” to the first 3 men who make a great impression on you.  So what if he’s not the one, she’s not tall enough, or whatever…just meet for a drink. It’s not an arranged marriage!  It’s just saying yes to them at a speed date, with a promise to go out on a real date.  (picture credit:

It seems like last year you have tried to make finding love a priority and it has failed.  Well, try a speed date event that happens twice a month.  Go to multiple ones because you never know who will show up.  People who enjoy the speed date events usually love our one on one matchmaking, too.  Tell us about you and we can match you.  We cannot do that if we don’t know anything about you, so click here to be included in our Date-A-Base:

If you commit to doing at least one “singles-focused” event a month alone or with a friend…in style. Whether it’s a networking function or a speed date event we are throwing, take the time to dress-to-impress.  Dress up nicer than you usually would just to spice things up.

Update your wardrobe with some new “First Date” outfits or speed date outfits.  This will take the stress out of dating by planning ahead.  Find something you know that you look a million bucks in so you are confident. Nothing is a bigger turn on to your date than your confidence!

Love doesn’t just happen.
Let us help you make it happen this year!!  Try a speed date event, our free matchmaking services for women, or be a male paying client and pay us and make us work hard for you.

Let us help you with your Los Angeles dating routine!

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