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Speeddating Los Angeles

Speeddating Los Angeles events are a quick and easy way for you to meet a bunch of new people for the first time.  What a perfect way to start off your dating life again with a Speeddating Los Angeles event.  It’s especially awesome if you are just getting back into dating, coming out of a marriage, newly divorced, new to the city, or sick of the bar scene.  Once you get into a Speeddating Los Angeles event, you might never go back to regular online dating!

Speeddating Los Angeles Events are effective  speeddating Los Angeles

If you’ve never done a Speeddating Los Angeles event before, now is the time to start.  You don’t want to be the only person out there who’s not tried everything, right?  You’ve seen Speeddating Los Angeles events play out in movies, on a sitcom on television, and you’ve probably heard your friends talk about them.  There is no better way to meet 8-12 people of the opposite sex in one night.

Speeddating Los Angeles:  How Does It Work?

At a Speeddating Los Angeles event, the women are seated on one side and stay in their seats.  The men are seating opposite from them and they move to the next woman when time is up.  You start at one table of the Speeddating Los Angeles event, you chat with the person in front of you for 6 minutes, the bell rings that it’s time’s up, you make your notes about whether you want to see that person again, and you meet the next ‘date.’ The women stay at their tables and the men move around. It’s that easy! Yay, Speeddating Los Angeles events make dating fun again.

Speeddating Los Angeles:  Tips On Doing It Right

Make sure you take notes on everyone at the Speeddating Los Angeles event, even if you don’t want to connect with him or her.  You never know who is going to pick you and if they do, you want to remember if they are someone you want to meet again or not.

So, are you open to trying a Speeddating Los Angeles Event? If so, as Catch Matchmaking Speeddating Los Angeles fans, you get a $5 discount!  Can email us at for more info on events coming up or refer to our events page here.

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