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Tag: Do’s & Don’ts

Picky Singles Need More Coffee Dates

September 5, 2016

What should be picky if you have non-negotiables: you want kids, you want to be with someone of a specific religion, distance, etc. If there is someone asking you out and they meet your must have’s, then go out with them!

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Texting After The Date Rule

September 2, 2016

Dating during this high tech age can be tough. Use texts to keep in touch with a potential partner in between your dates to show you are thinking of her. But what should you text?

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Find The Right One By Doing This

August 31, 2016

Are you still holding out for someone who is not realistic? How to be emotionally available to someone new if you’re stuck in a relationship with someone who is not a good match for you? Are we describing you?

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Don’t Do This Is You Want a 2nd Date

August 26, 2016

What should you not do on a date? This just happened last weekend. Don’t touch her this way. What other things can you do to get that 2nd date?

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Do These Things To Ruin Your Date

August 24, 2016

Yep, he did these two things on the date. These are great ways to ruin it with a great lady. Do you do these two things? Do you remember your last date?

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Turnoff For Women & Men

August 15, 2016

Santa Monica matchmaker and resident Katie Chen gives great advice. Not sure if you guilty of this but you go to a date all sweaty? You think you can squeeze in a gym class or a session with the trainer but really, you are still sweating before you walk through the doors to your date. […]

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Online Dating Truth-Profile Length Matters

September 30, 2015

I came across a very great piece of advice the other day from this video. It basically applies to matchmaking, too, and to our clients. What you put in is what you get out of it. This is from the founders of Coffee Meets Bagel. It was so insightful and the facts and conclusions were […]

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Dating Single Women & Dinner Dates

September 18, 2015
Dating Single Women & Dinner Dates

Dinner dates can sometimes be awkward, especially if you don’t connect with that person. What can you do to make it better? What should you order? Is ordering a lobster on the first date a great way to make a first impression? You know the answer.

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How Honest Are You in Your Online Dating Profile

September 11, 2015

Speaking of being honest, are you completely honest in your profile about hobbies and interests? Are You Who You Say You Are? We had a client go out on a date last week with a woman who’s profile sounded fantastic. She stated that she did many of the things that he likes to do. But, […]

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Who Is Interested in Dating You?

September 9, 2015

Finding The Person Who Is Looking For You We are so focused on who we are looking for and making a list that we forget or don’t pay attention to who is looking for us. After many attempts at trying to have relationships with the wrong people, you really need to analyze who you are […]

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