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Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Date

September 7, 2015

Do You Do These Things On a Date?

As matchmakers, we hear it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We had a couple who went on a date and the man was turned off by some of the things the woman said. His date feedback was that she was too extreme in her viewpoints. Some of the things he agreed with, while some of the things he could have cared less. It was just a turn off because she was so adamant on some of the topics they discussed. The goal of any first date is to find reasons to want to see this person again, if you are compatible, and if you have same goals and values. Even if they have all of these things in common, he just couldn’t look past what she was about and how she communicated her opinions.

My Way or The Highway

When you’re on a first date, try to avoid stating strong opinions. “I don’t jump into relationships.” “I hate Kanye West and what he stands for.” “I would never go to a grocery store in sweats.” You get the idea. Get the strong opinions our of your vocabulary. It’s a turn off to your date. You can still state your thoughts and opinions and get your point across but in a less aggressive manner. Do men agree with this?

So, now that you will tone it down on your hard core opinions… where should you go on your next first date?

Be Cautious on Picking The Venue

I’ll tell you where you shouldn’t go when it’s so hot and humid right now. It’s not a good idea to go to an outdoor cafe for a date if the weather is so warm. You might think it’s a good idea because it’s so cute in the patio or there are colorful umbrellas, but after you sit out there for awhile, it’s going to get really warm. And what happens when we get really warm in this humidity? We sweat. Not just perspire or have a nice glow. We SWEAT. Sweating profusely on a date is unattractive and it’s also very distracting for your date to see so much sweat is pouring out of your pores. It’s best to go somewhere with air conditioner during this heat wave. If it’s the third or fourth date, then hiking is fine and by that time, you will be okay sweating in front of each other. Because you know if you get the third date, you know he or she likes you. (Because we all know if you make it to date three, you are getting a kiss or something, right?)

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