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Tips For Dating: Phone Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts

June 6, 2011 0 Comments

We’d like to offer our tips for dating because we know how difficult it is for some people to make connections.  We are always putting our ears to the ground to give our audiences some real life tips on dating. One of our tips on dating is going to help you be successful in the dating world:  MAKING AN EFFECTIVE PHONE CALL. Most singles feel nervous about making that first move, so some opt for texting instead. Boo hoo.  That just screams “I lack confidence so I’m not calling you so I’ll take the easy way out.”  The truth is those who make a phone call are perceived as more confident by the receiver and thus gain more respect.  For singles who aren’t experienced daters, calling the person may be difficult and even more nerve-wrecking when they answer.

Not to worry, as Los Angeles matchmakers, we have compiled tips for dating when you’re on the phone with someone you’re interested in. After all, the best way to get a date is through a phone call and what you say can also determine if you’ll even get a date. So whether you’re new to dating or need to freshen up on your current phone skills, these tips for dating will help you feel more confident when calling that person you are thinking about.

Tips for Dating:  DO Make A Plan tips for dating

One of our best tips for dating is that men need to make and have a plan.  Los Angeles matchmakers know that girls like it when a guy has a plan. These tips for dating are to make sure you don’t call unprepared, because you will be wasting her time. Recall the bits and pieces of your conversation with her. If she’s a foodie, take her to a nice restaurant you heard your friends rave about or that you read in a magazine. (Tips for dating:  otherwise, go for the basic coffee or drinks date).  Find a place both of you can reach at a reasonable time, preferably with easy parking. Once you have a time and location, it’s time to make that call. (Tips for dating:  make a reservation if you can.  It’ll impress her when you arrive at the restaurant.  Use for convenience) That person will appreciate how you put a lot into preparing for the date.  Hope these tips for dating help you score!

Tips for Dating:  DO Call at a Reasonable Hour

Your friend’s tips for dating might tell you to call her at any hour but that’s not the way to make the best impression.  Los Angeles matchmakers suggest calling that person after work hours if it’s during the weekday, or the afternoon during the weekend. Make sure you call them before 9pm. If you call them much later than that, your potential date will interpret your phone call in a different way.   (Tips for Dating:  Nobody wants to be seen as a booty call so don’t call after 9pm!) If you call before 9pm, the other person will know that you respect their time.

Tips for Dating:  DO Keep it Short and Sweet

Tips for dating on how long the phone call should be:  15 minutes max.  Los Angeles matchmakers have heard numerous feedback that once you get the person to answer the phone, your call should not take more than 15 minutes. (Tips for Dating:  It’s ok to say you thought of them and wanted to call them but you only have 15 minutes before your next appointment.  This shows you are interested but not needy)  You don’t need to have a long conversation with that person. Save that for the date you want. You can ask them how they are, how’s their week, and when they’re available to go out with you. Don’t ask them questions like what they do for work or fun; save those for your date. Remember to keep it short and sweet…like you’re on the run. That person may be in the middle of something, so it’s best not to take too much of their time.  (Tips for Dating:  leave them wanting more)

Tips for Dating:  DO Leave a Message

Yes, one of our tips for dating is that it’s OK to leave a message.  Los Angeles matchmakers say, if the person doesn’t answer their phone, that’s fine! Leave them a message so that they know who you are. Like the previous tips for dating, keep your message short and sweet. No more than a minute or two. Tell them your name and ask about their availability. Keep the message interesting by giving them a hint on what you’d like to do on your date. Don’t forget to tell them to give you a call back and leave your number. Chances are, the person is still at work or busy with a group of friends. If the person is interested in seeing you, they’ll call you back.  (Tips for Dating:  make it mysterious so they’ll call you back.  Say something like, “You are not going to believe where I want to take you” or  say something funny from when you interacted the first time like, “How’s that crazy boss of yours treating you today?”)

Tips for Dating:  DO Sound Cheerful


This is one of those tips for dating for women.  Women just need to sound happy on the phone!  Los Angeles matchmakers want to remind you that Nobody likes a Negative-Nancy! When you’re talking to the person you’re interested in, make sure you sound happy and enthusiastic. (Tips for dating:  Don’t grumble. Don’t bring drama into the conversation)  Don’t tell her about your crappy day at work and how your boss is harassing you about your deadline. Laugh a little. Bring a little humor into the conversation. Make sure you don’t sound tired. If you do, wash your face or have a cup of coffee. (Tips for Dating: make the phone call while standing up if all else fails so you’re more confident and awake).

Tips for Dating:  DON’T Text!

One of the best tips for dating we can give men is telling them to disable their texting feature on their phones.  Los Angeles matchmakers realize, sure, texting gives you time to write out what you want to say to that person. The truth is, women hate it when men text them! If you text them, they think you’re too scared to talk to them. To them, it’s an easy but cowardly way to reach out to them. What’s there to be afraid of? They’re human! They want to hear your voice! Don’t text women while they’re working. You are showing that you respect their time by calling them after work hours. SO NO TEXTING! CALL THEM!  (Tips for Dating:  Men love to ask for a second date by texting and women know that you don’t have game when you do that)

Tips for Dating:  DON’T Swear

Rounding out our tips for dating series, as Los Angeles matchmakers, we understand that we have our moments that make us want to swear.   You may be excited about something or want to seem cool and not nervous by throwing in a few swear words, but don’t swear while you’re calling someone you’re interested in. Swearing while talking to someone on the phone shows that you’re immature and disrespectful. Be a gentleman, not a potty-mouth!  (Tips for dating:  DON’T use sexually explicit remarks either) Like the previous tips for dating, Los Angeles matchmakers want to remind you, you’re calling for a date. This isn’t phone sex. Do not make comments about their body parts when you barely even know the person. If you do, you’ll risk sounding like you want a booty call and never get a date.

Tips for Dating:  DON’T Eat and Talk at the Same Time

This is one of those tips for dating that’s obvious.  Los Angeles matchmakers suggest, don’t multi-task while talking to someone you want to go out with. Women don’t want to hear you talking and chewing at the same time. Otherwise, they’ll think you’ll be doing just that during the date: talking while chewing on food. Gross! If you’re that hungry, eat first and then make the call.

Tips for Dating:  DON’T Call Several Times

Take this and other tips for dating to heart:  Don’t be a stalker.  If the person doesn’t answer after the first time, they’re probably busy and Los Angeles matchmakers reckon, they’ll get back to you if they’re interested. If you call more than once, the person will think you’re desperate for communication. Don’t appear like you’re too eager. Otherwise, that person will believe you don’t have much communication with the outside world. One call is all it takes.

Happy dating.

These tips for dating are hopefully reminders for you!





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