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September 17, 2018
  1. What should I expect during my interview? Your meeting will be 20-30 minutes. We reviewed your application and sounds like you might be looking for one of the clients we are searching for. Mason will ask questions to get to know you better! This will help the matchmakers understand if you are a good match for our client. This could potentially help you meet Mr. Right or save you time from going on a bad date. Be ready to talk about your hobbies/interests, your must-haves/dealbreakers, how your friends would describe you, and anything else you feel would help us determine a fit with our client.
  2. How many clients do you have? To give each client a personalized search, we work with 30 active male clients at a time. Timing is everything and sometimes your perfect match might be on vacation or taking a break from dating in general! If you and the client we have in mind are not a match, we will keep your info private and keep you listed in our passive database for a future potential!
  3. What ages are the men?  Our men range from their 20’s to their 70’s. Every client has their own preferences, but all want a committed relationship. Men’s goals can range from starting a family, to getting married, to companionship (especially for older clients that have been married before).
  4. What do you look for in a male client? We look for male clients who value fitness, and health, have established careers, are financially sound, and commitment minded.
  5. What type of women are your clients looking for? These men are looking for women who value fitness, have interesting hobbies, goals, and relationship-minded. 
  6. How are dates set up? We will take care of the details. We compare your locations and preferences and pick a place. We will set up drinks and appetizers, lunch, or but dinner, depending your schedules and preferences. 
  7. How is personal information exchanged? When both of you want to meet (both have seen each other’s profiles via e-mail), we will send out a date confirmation email and list both your contact numbers. We value privacy and do not share identity-related information such as date of birth, place of work, and email addresses. If you both wish, you can share more info on your own.
  8. Do you share feedback? At the end of your date we will send you a date feedback form the next day. We want to learn more about you and our client through the feedback. If there is constructive feedback that you feel should be disclosed to our client to make him a better dater, then by all means we do value honesty. We would do that in return, if applicable. 
  9. What type of photos do you recommend for my profile? As far as making the best impression, no hats, sunglasses, or selfies. We also recommend not having anything in your hands (drinks, babies, animals, etc.) or distracting backgrounds. We often recommend photos of you in a date-ready outfit. It’s always best to update your photos if you feel you need to (hair color change, weight loss, etc.). We can store up to 5 photos in your profile. 
  10. Do you take on female clients? While our specialty is male clients, yes, we do take female clients too! If we have both quality and quantity of guys that a woman is seeking, then one of the co-founders, Katie or May will ask some questions regarding preferences and commitment to evaluate potential success and fit. They will invite you to become a client if they can support your dating goals! 

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