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You’re Disappointed in Your Date

April 14, 2017

So you got his info and you’ve already researched him online. You built this fantasy up in your head of how charming he’s going to be, how fun he is in real life, and how generous he’ll be on the date. Only when you meet him, he’s not at all what you thought he’d be. Now how do you act on the date? Make it obvious to him that you’re disappointed and become angry? Show your lack of excitement by checking your phone? Or do you do the human decency thing and try to have a decent conversation with him and end the date in a polite and timely way? You never know what will happen. You should make the most out of the situation and while you both know it’s not going anywhere, you can readily admit that. And then say, well, since we’re here let’s try to have fun.

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