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Women Looking For Men In Los Angeles

May 20, 2013 0 Comments

Women looking for men in Los Angeles should not have their lists of ten thousand things.  It’s ok to be solo yet selective in dating.  Love happens in all shapes, sizes, geographical areas, and with helping hand of timing. As a personal matchmaker in Los Angeles, my friends are always asking me how women looking for men will yield the highest success rate.  I go about deciding who to introduce to each other. It is a combination of art, science, getting the stars to align just right, and magic! Just kidding. It’s a lot of heart and soul that makes me dig deep to get to know the singles I meet.

Women looking for men should try our screening process women looking for men

Women looking for men shouldn’t be that tough.  I meet, recruit, and interview great singles and if feel two people’s personalities are going to click and their dating criteria (kids, religion, demographics, values, goals, etc.) matches, I go with my intuition and set it up. They can determine if there is chemistry in person. Clients give me preferences as to who they consider to be in their “dating league” which serves as a starting point for the search. Sometimes clients get a little carried away and forget that long-lasting loving relationships involve a lot more than their perception of dating someone in their “Los Angeles dating league.” That’s when I help them sort through what are the real “must-have’s” and “dealbreakers” vs. simple preferences/fantasies!!

Women looking for men should date within their league

I find that when determining their “Los Angeles dating league” women like to weigh several factors at once which is sometimes overwhelming– wealth, success, beauty, age, intelligence, kindness, sense of humor, sense of style, level of emotional dysfunction, amount of hair, etc.…..Men tend to weigh just one factor—attractiveness. Yes, how unfair!! Men are very visual at the beginning so that is why getting nice photos taken of you (not glamour shots) is a huge advantage in the dating world. Whether you are dating online or submitting a profile to me to see if you are a match for a client, ( it helps with a nice, recent photo of yourself! In order to bridge the gap between how men and women weigh the factors of their “Los Angeles dating league”, I help singles focus on real substances like values, goals, and interests to simplify the decision to meet each other. Isn’t in-person meeting the only way to determine if there is chemistry? What do you have to lose, go meet for coffee.

I find that everyone’s league is constantly evolving, but there are certain boundaries that will likely never change. I’ve never dated a celebrity nor would I desire to unless his name is Adrian Grenier from Entourage. (Side story: I gave Adrian Grenier my business card at Urth Caffe on Melrose. I didn’t want to offend him and assume he was single or that he would even need a matchmaker. I just suggested he send me his cute single friends. Even the Turtles of the world). I am not ashamed to say that celebrities are out of my dating league. I get it, I respect it.

Women looking for men should have minimal must have’s and dealbreakers

So, you’re wondering, what are your “must have’s” and “deal-breakers”? Have you ever thought of it? Well, if you are among the thousands of women looking for men, then you need to think about it.  If you are fit, you most likely will prefer someone fit, active, or at least loves working out. You can’t fake being active. Sooner or later, you will be found out. Age can be a dealbreaker for some people. Men should date 7-10 years younger and women should date 7-10 years older. (Side note: I love working with mature or divorced women who has had a lot of life experience and want to date even older. They are the most open, adventurous, and sexually-confident women.) If you are women looking for men who want children, you should date women who also want children. If she tells you she does not want children, move on. You can’t change her. If you can’t eat like or respect a vegetarian, you probably shouldn’t date a strict vegan. If you are looking for someone Catholic and she tells you she doesn’t want to marry someone Catholic, move on. I don’t care if she’s cute. Looks fade, values and goals last longer. (Another side note: The most insecure singles are the ones who have the longest list when it comes to dating.) What should you do? Trim yours down and get back into the Los Angeles Dating Scene!  We love helping women looking for men who are great catches.

If you want to learn more about yourself and if you are among the many women looking for men who are successful, I invite you to fill out this confidential profile. It’ll really get you to start thinking of who you are really looking for:

Happy Los Angeles Dating!!

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