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Women Seeking Men: Fall Season Dating Tips

April 12, 2013 0 Comments

Women seeking men really need to look like they are seeking men.  When it comes to dating in Los Angeles, it’s tricky to sometimes figure out what is appropriate to wear on a date if you are coming straight from work.  Dating in Los Angeles shouldn’t be stressful for women seeking men.  Women seeking men need to heat up their looks when the first chill arrives because men are visual creatures.  Men need to know that wearing a sweatshirt hoodie is not acceptable on a date.  What else can we coach you on?  Check out our tips for men and women now that Halloween slutty outfits are not on everyone’s minds.  women seeking men

Women Seeking Men:  Look the Part

Women seeking men in LA?  Well, you need to look nice so men know you put the effort in.  When you are dating in Los Angeles, as the first chill arrives, you need to heat up your looks!  Many women make the mistake of just throwing on a coat to keep warm.  Attractive women seeking men who are attractive need to look hot.  Throwing a coat on is not flattering for your look.  That’s fine if you are on your way to the date.  Because you haven’t given your wardrobe much thought, you might leave your coat on the entire date.  That’s a NO NO!  You need to look good so show some skin.  At the very least, take off the jacket when you are in front of him so he knows you aren’t fat, frumpy, or hiding a pregnancy under there.  Take it from us, with the chill here, it’s time to let out the creativity…pair a dress with boots, new lipstick, put on some fitted leggings or anything that shows you’re not done for the season!

Women Seeking Men:  Men are Trying to get into a Relationship 

Women seeking men around the holiday time is the best.  Men are making finding love a priority because the holidays get lonely.  Men, as the holiday approaches, there is more on your plate and where do you find room to date?  In working with many guys dating in Los Angeles, we know the guys are trying to make finding a relationship a priority.  Men and women just handle multi-tasking a little differently…mainly women can and men can’t muli-task!  Men, we know you are focused on what is on your plate right now.  You aren’t thinking of asking that cutie out for this weekend because you are trying to get through Tuesday.  So, we know you like to do the last minute call Friday night to ask her out for Saturday night.  Hello?  Is that a plan for success?  NO!  You have to try something different this season!  Even with the holiday crunch at work, football season in full swing, snow sports beckoning and holiday travel, you have free nights and just need to call the gal that caught your eye with one to two options and ink it.  When that part is done, you will find that you can go back to your focused ways and focus on showing up and being a good dater.  If this is too much for you to plan, fill out a profile with us and let professional matchmakers take charge of your love life!  We would be glad to help and get you out there and date!

Women Seeking Men:  Great Attitude Goes A Long Way

Women seeking men need to keep their spirits up.  Just because the weather gets a little nippy, doesn’t mean your dating in Los Angeles attitude about being single needs to follow suit!  There’s no bigger turn off than a negative attitude at this time of the year.  When the sun is shining and people are single, dating in Los Angeles seems to be more cheerful about it and enjoy time with friends and that attitude makes them more attractive to the opposite gender when dating in Los Angeles.  And there always seems to be people around to be your cheerleader when you’re down because they want you to come to their beach party, pool party or some summer festival.  Winter and holiday seasons are indoor times when dating in Los Angeles so people feel more down and isolated, but to be someone attractive to the opposite gender or even just to your circle of friends when dating in Los Angeles, it’s time for you to think about something other than being alone!  Think about dinner parties to warm your evenings, volunteering at local food bank, toy drive, something that brings out the best in you!  Your friends won’t be able to resist being your biggest fan and maybe you will even catch yourself someone with this great attitude!  Dating in Los Angeles is fun so show it.  Just be glad you aren’t dating in Arkansas!

Women Seeking Men:  Are You at Places Where the Men Are?

Women seeking men shouldn’t give up in LA.  When you are dating in Los Angeles, you might want to warm up to your date at a local coffee shop.  This is probably the only time when dating in Los Angeles that coffee dates are acceptable and men don’t sound or look cheap.  Cold?  Bring your date to a coffee shop and grab a cup of coffee. The coffee will warm you up. And don’t just go to a Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Find a mom and pop coffee shop. Those stand out and look nice on the inside and they have cozy seats.  Plus, at a chain coffee place, there is so much traffic from people going in and out, it’s hard to not get distracted.  If you aren’t a coffee drinker, you can still look warm with hot chocolate or tea.  Get extra points by ordering something sweet to share.  Ladies, if he offers, take a bite.  You don’t want to look like you care about your weight or refuse!  Try it.

Women Seeking Men:  Ice Skating Anyone? 

Women seeking men and men seeking women, but who’s gonna want to be adventurous?  Getting into the holiday spirit when you’re dating in Los Angeles and suggest ice skating!  You can always promise your date a cup of hot chocolate afterwards to warm up.  If ice skating is not for you, do other things that are holiday related.  Maybe it’s checking out the holiday decorations at a popular neighborhood.  Maybe it’s roaming through  a bookstore that has a café on site.  Be creative and have fun while dating in Los Angeles.

Women Seeking Men:  Image Matters

When dating in Los Angeles, how on time you are for a date, what you look like and what you wear on a date, and how put together you are for the date, says a lot about you. Sure, you know what you should wear, but why do you still wear what you shouldn’t wear?  Either check out our videos on what to wear or here are some ideas for men and women:

1.      Ladies, it’s okay to wear boots on a first date. They look cute.  Pair it up with a nice dress or some cute skinny jeans.  It looks classy without trying too hard.

2.      Ladies, take off your jacket/bulky sweater when you meet your date inside your date spot so that they can see you and not think you’re frumpy.

3.      Guys, you need to have a nice jacket you can wear on a date, not that athletic looking thing you thinks it’s ok to wear.  Invest in a nice sports jacket that can dress up any outfit.  Put the Members Only jackets away! Ok, no one wore one of these on a date, I’m just saying….

4.      Ladies can wear a nice, colorful scarf.
It adds a little pop to your outfit. Everyone has a favorite piece that makes them stand out on a first date. If you don’t have one, find a bright colored scarf to add to your black, white or grey fall outfit. Your date will notice!

5.      Guys, a T-shirt is not okay on a first date.  I can’t stress this enough.  You are not dressing to your potential if you think a T-shirt is classy.  I don’t care that it’s a $60 T-shirt.  Save it for date #4.  Maybe you are trying too hard to look young if a T-shirt if your first date staple outfit.

6.      Ladies, when beautiful women seeking men who are handsome, you must put some makeup on so he knows you are making the effort.  Plan accordingly so you have time to look nice for him.  Mascara and lip gloss are almost a must!

7.      If you are sick or coming down with something, don’t go out on the date.  Keep your cooties to yourself.  Re-schedule it so you are looking and feeling your best.  If you re-schedule the date and apologize and call your date, then it’s sincere.

8.      If you are on a coffee or tea date that is generally dinner time, you might want to offer your date some food!  Don’t cheap out.  That’s horrible if she is hungry and trying to make pleasant conversation and you don’t offer to order some food.

9.      You should make every effort to look like your online dating photo, Facebook photo, matchmaking photo, etc. if that is what your date thinks you look like.  Women seeking men who look like their photos need to practice what you preach.

10.  Put your phone away and turn it off.  The last thing you want to do is get a text alert and you check your phone while it’s in your purse and you think your date doesn’t notice, but he does.  Women seeking men in LA need to be courteous.  Or when you put it on the table and the phone rings and you glance at it and you think your date doesn’t notice but she does.  It’s rude and it shows your date that you don’t care enough about him or her to put your phone away.  If you are on call, let your date know before it rings that you will have to answer if your office or calling service is going to call you.

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