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Your 5 Love Resolutions for 2010

December 24, 2009 0 Comments

Your 5 Love Resolutions for 2010.  The holidays are around the corner:shutterstock_152668811

1. If a friend asks you to a dinner party or an evening out, JUST GO!! Don’t make excuses. You can wash your hair another night. Your friend is trying to get you out there and to meet new people.
The more you say “no,” the less invites you will get in the future.

2. Say “YES” to the first 3 men or women who asks you out this 2010! So what if he’s not the one, she’s not tall enough, or whatever…just meet for a drink. It’s not an arranged marriage!

3. Make finding love a priority in 2010 and be open to a matchmaker finding you someone. At Catch, if you are a great “catch,” we can set you up at no cost if you are a match with someone we are working with. We cannot do that if we don’t know anything about you, so click here to be included in our Date-A-Base:

4. Commit to doing one “singles-focused” event a month alone or with a friend…in style. Whether it’s a networking function or an event we are throwing, take the time to dress-to-impress! (Stay tuned for details of our event in February. We are partnering up with 3 of the friendliest matchmakers in Los Angeles!!)

5. Update your wardrobe with some new “First Date” outfits. This will take the stress out of dating by planning ahead. Find something you know that you look a million bucks in so you are confident. Nothing is a bigger turn on to your date than your confidence!

Valentine’s Day is 50 days away.
Love doesn’t just happen.
Let us help you make it happen this 2010!!

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