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Where do members live?
Majority of the women in our database are located in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego County. We believe in order to have a strong relationship, you must see your partner and live within reasonable driving distance. The more open you are on distance and all criteria, the higher chance of success.

Are there pictures?
Depends on which package you select. Keep in mind that you are here to find someone compatible with your goals, values, and passions. Don’t let looks be your only deciding factor. We identify and discuss with you your wants and needs as well as your three must-haves and what is critical to you. You and your matchmaker will discuss what you find physically attractive in a partner and we will keep that in mind when finding your match.

How does the service work?
We meet face-to-face, you fill out an application/profile, and we get to know you. The profile is about you and what you are looking for in a life partner. We will then match you based on what you’re looking for in a match. We’ll contact you with a description and the name of the potential match. After you approve of the match, we plan the date and time of where you will meet. After your date, we will contact both parties for feedback. Hopefully it will be great news! For more information, check out or Process page.

Why should I choose Catch Matchmaking over another service?
We know that there are many other options out there, but at Catch Matchmaking we believe that we have a distinct advantage because we work closely and personally with every client to make sure the right connection is made. Because we operate our boutique matchmaking firm like we’re friends, you can and should be honest with us about your needs, wants, and feedback. We will work closely together and help you navigate through all of it. We offer different memberships to cater to the client.

What are your qualifications and background? Are you certified with The Matchmaking Institute?
Yes, We are Certified Matchmakers with the Matchmaking Institute in New York, which was established to set a code of ethics and strict quality standards in the matchmaking industry. We’ve been through strict matchmaking training and certification. We also attend annual industry conferences to keep up with the latest practices and industry news. We are speakers at the annual Matchmakers Alliance Conferences.

Do you meet everyone in person including potential matches?
Yes. We’ve met everyone in our client base. They’ve been screened thoroughly and meet our criteria of being fit, emotionally stable, and ready for a long-term relationship. If there is an exception to this rule, we will discuss it prior to your introduction.

Do you charge for the initial consultation/interview?
No. It is complimentary and no cost to you. You are under no obligation to join, but the initial consultation is fun and you will usually learn something about yourself and about dating.

How many matches and guaranteed introductions are promised and over what period of time?
This depends on what level of membership or involvement you choose. We have two basic memberships, but offer additional services as well. For more information, check out our Services page.

Who does the matchmaking at your firm?
May and Katie do the matchmaking, interviews, consults, and receive the feedback from the clients. At your interview, you will disclose your personal preferences, likes, dislikes, and your story. We think it makes sense to have that same person do your matchmaking. This is why we use matchmakers for our consults and interviews rather than sales associates. It is that type of the personal touch that differentiates us from other services. Be cautious if you go to a dating agency and you meet a salesperson who gives you a hard sell and then hands you over to an “associate” to match you up.

Do you send me out on dates automatically or do I have to call for an introduction?
We use our intuition and experience in our search to find you matches. If they fit your criteria, we will present them to you. Upon your approval, we contact the match and set up the date at a mutually agreed upon time and location. It’s that easy.

How do clients get matched up?
It’s a careful, thoughtful process because our goal is to find someone who’s not a good match, but a great match for you. We want to bring you together for friendship and love and that means we want you to connect on all levels: goals, values, passions, and compatibility. Because we recruit for you and meet people all the time, it’s a very calculated process. For more information, please see our Process page.

Do clients get to see an in-depth “profile?”
Yes, you get a profile, but it’s not an in-depth one, because there is no point in knowing everything about the match you are about to meet. We want you to discover each other. The matchmakers have the full in-depth profiles.

How many people do you have in your database?
Our database consists of over 10,000 singles ready for a long-term relationship. Our database would be larger if we allowed ANYONE to fill out an application, but we do not have an open-enrollment policy. Everyone in our database is by invitation or referral only and is pre-screened.

How many years have you been in business?
We have been compiling our database, researching, matching clients, and fine-tuning our company since 2009. We are constantly adding new benefits for our clients. Catch Matchmaking is an edgy company with a down-to-earth and inviting approach to matchmaking. We are here to help. Generally when you deal with the owners of a company, you know you are getting the best service. We are not a franchise, so what that means to you is that since we ARE the company, you will get all of our attention.

How does your company define success?
Matchmaking success is making introductions between two people who truly are compatible. We are not here to waste your time or ours by introducing two people who are not a great match. It’s a learning process to get to know you as well, so please be patient in your first couple of dates. Learn from the experiences and provide us honest feedback so we can tweak our search for you. It’s also a success when you find that special someone on your own during your time with us.

Is there a contract?

Why should I sign up with Catch Matchmaking?
Catch Matchmaking offers personalized service along with a host of other benefits. If you are tired of the bar scene, have had enough of online dating, and are looking for a more effective way to meet a mate, then Catch Matchmaking can help. Check out our Process and Services pages to learn how you can benefit from us.