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You probably don’t design your own home, defend yourself in court, or perform surgery on yourself. With a personal matchmaker, you are are allowing a professional agency to guide you, and advocate for you in the most challenging (but also most rewarding) endeavor of all: finding the right life partner.

Professional matchmaking isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. Every client is an individual.

As a first step, we need to learn about you. Who are you? What are you looking for? What do you have to offer?

The most efficient way to get the ball rolling is for you to fill out our online questionnaire and upload some pictures. All of this is confidential.

We will review your information and if we feel we can help you, we will invite you to a free, personal consultation with a matchmaker. (Before, COVID-19, we always preferred in-person meetings, but now we must resort to virtual meetings).

From here on out, the process is different for men and women. Our agency specializes in helping male clients.

Women rarely become active clients. If they are who our clients are looking for, we encourage them to become part of our network and community at no cost to them.

Potential clients will be invited for a complementary first consultation. That’s where we will go over your needs and your odds in detail. And should you want to retain our services as your professional dating representative, we will discuss the various options and our fees.

If you become a client, our team begins by searching our extensive network of potential matches we have already have on file. These are people who have filled out a detailed questionnaire that goes far beyond anything used for online dating.

Speaking of online and app dating profiles – we know that those are more fiction than fact. People write down how they see themselves, not how others perceive them.

As professional matchmakers, we don’t rely on someone’s self assessment. Each person in our database goes through a half-hour interview with one of our team members. This gives us a chance to clarify inconsistencies and verify that the photos are representative.

Once our team has identified potential matches for you, you will be contacted for feedback on them. If you accept, we’ll assist with arranging a first date. Here, our agency functions as the intermediary between you and the match. You don’t have to cold call someone to meet you (we’ll be doing that on your behalf). If needed, we can even give you date counseling and organize dating activities.

Sometimes we cannot find what we are looking for in our existing network. That’s why we are always intensely engaged in meeting new people, making new contacts, cultivating connections and relationships, and liaising with other matchmakers – whether in the United States or abroad. (Our agency even does international searches on behalf of our clients).

Each time you go on a date, we will insist on hearing feedback from both you and the other person. This also takes the embarrassment out of saying “no” to a second date – since we’ll be handling this unpleasant part in a dignified and compassionate manner. Of course, we hope that you both liked each other, and we can set you up for the next date. And hopefully, you’ll get to the point where you can “fire us” because no more matches are needed. You found the one!

Interested in taking your dating to the next level? Whether you are a woman who wants to join our network, or a man looking for professional representation — fill out our confidential questionnaire today!