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Matchmaking for Women

Catch Matchmaking is seeking women ages 21-55 to apply to be part of our database. It’s complimentary for women. We are another resource for women.


1. What type of women  join your network?

The kind of women who join our exclusive and private database are healthy and fit in mind, body and spirit.  A woman who is warm, positive and feels great in her own skin.  She is ready for a loving and committed relationship with a man at her level.  You have nothing to lose – connect with us and find out!  We could change your life, like we have for many lovely women in the past decade.

2. What is my 1st step?

Complete the questionnaire and send us your best recent photos. If you are approved, we will edit your profile and contact you to meet you.

3. Will you tell me more about the men who are your clients? What type of women are they looking for?

We work with 20-30 men at a time. Our clients range from engineers, tech guys, creative professionals, business owners, lawyers, doctors, to directors and producers. All the guys are successful in their own right with regard to their careers, enjoy different hobbies, and staying active. They can meet women, but meeting the right woman is tough. So they enlist the help of expert matchmakers to suggest a quality woman who is also relationship-minded and looking for him. Our men range from 30 to 65 years old. Each client has their own goals, but majority of them want a long-term relationship of sorts. Men’s goals can range from long-term relationship or starting a family, to getting married. The men are looking for women who have interesting hobbies, common goals, are kind, beautiful inside and out. Women who are passionate about something excite the men, whether it’s the job, volunteer, or family.

4. I’m a single woman and interested in applying to be part of your database.  How can I get started?

Apply by telling us more about you and the type of man you’re looking to meet. The information and photos you submit are completely confidential and allows us review your application. If we feel you are a good fit for one of our clients, we will invite you to meet us in our office or via SKYPE or FaceTime.  If our client is still the right match for you after the interview, we will send you the bio and profile of the client and also edit a profile that shows you in the best light to share with our client.  If you mutually want to meet, we arrange the time, date, and place of the date. We also exchange the phone numbers.  After the date, we will ask for date feedback.  We let you reveal the private information (such as the company where you work, your last name, etc.) to your dates so we protect the privacy of both parties.

5. What should I expect during my in person or SKYPE/FaceTime interview?

Your meeting will last around up to 30 minutes. We’ll look at what you wrote and ask questions to get another layer of how we can best find Mr. Right for you! This is a casual conversation. Be ready to talk about where you grew up, where you are from, how did you end up in CA, your hobbies/interests, your must-haves/dealbreakers, how your friends would describe you, and anything else you feel would help us search for you. If you come in to our LA office, we’d be happy to take some updated photos of you in our patio with nice backdrop.

6. After I meet you, how often will I hear from you?

We may have a male client who immediately comes to mind, or it might be in a few weeks, or months. Once your profile is listed in our Match Manager database, it will be triggered each time we take on a male client who is looking for you and you are looking for him. We only work with a select number of men at a time so that we can “know our clients”, so please bear with us if we don’t have someone to suggest. “Mr. Right” may not be a client yet, but we have you listed in our private database at no charge and we will be sure to reach out to you if he signs up and is looking for you! We are just another resource for you in your dating life. Being part of our database does not mean we promise you a lot of matches.

7. What is the Match Manager Technology?
Our Match Manager Technology is our proprietary matching system based on data and experiences as to the most important qualities two people are seeking.
8. What cities and areas do you cover?
We currently work with singles in Los Angeles and Orange County. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Santa Monica, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, Anaheim, or Newport Beach and surrounding areas. If you live outside of these areas, we welcome your profile and will let you know when we have clients opened to meeting outside of these areas.

9. Why do you take on male clients? Do you take on female clients?

Our agency is a traditional model agency where the women apply to be in our database. It’s complimentary to meet with us, get set up, and to meet the men. We ask the women reply to our emails in a timely manner. If you say NO, that is fine. A reply shows you are a good communicator and respectful of our time. Regarding women who want to become a paying client and want us to actively search for her, our co-founder May takes on a handful of female clients a year. If you are interested in being the paying client and have May actively search for you, email her at and she will set up an appointment to meet with you. Please send email with subject line: Female Paying Client.

10. If I want to meet your client and he wants to meet me, then what?

We coordinate the date for you. We see where you are both live and often set you up in the middle. We might set you up for happy hour, drinks, lunch, or dinner. We make the reservation under the man’s name. We send you both an email with the date details. You just show up and have fun. When both of you agree to meet, we will exchange your phone numbers at the time of the date confirmation e-mail. We highly recommend the man touch base with the woman to confirm the date a day or so before. A friendly text or a short phone conversation is great. Save all the talking and getting to know each other at the date.

11. Do you share feedback?

We follow up with both of you after the date. We will ask what you liked about him, disliked, and if you want to see him again. If there is constructive feedback, we’d love to hear it to make him a better dater.

12. What are the photo requirements?

We are very particular about the images of our men and women and require everyone in our network to have the best representation of themselves as possible! When you submit an application with poor photos, we often times have difficulty presenting it to the men because we know it is not putting you in the best possible light. Your photos should convey an initial greeting: “Hi, I’m…I’d love to meet you!” (Attractive, Approachable, Sexy, Inviting, Friendly and Warm)

– Color photos of “you” only; we can crop a group photo for you.
– Less than 6 months old photos
– Clear, professional, natural lighting
– Give the appearance of how you would show up for a date
– One head-shot and one full-length

– Selfies
– Sunglasses or hats
– Alcohol/party atmosphere
– Scenery photo of you (hiking, running, or far away shot)

Online dating and apps have created a lazy, selfie environment so we encourage and invite singles to step it up with CATCH. We offer a photo package at a reduced rate for network. A session with our photographer in a city close to you is $300. You pay for the session and we’ll email you to find a time/place that works. So easy and fun. You also get 2-3 wardrobe changes, professional tips on how to pose, guidance to put you at ease, and screen resolution downloads of your photos. RSVP today and we’ll help you get better results for your dating profile, whether you use matchmaking services or do online dating.

Photo Session