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Matchmaking for Women

Are you an attractive, single woman who wants a serious relationship? Please apply to become part of our community. There is no cost to you! Think of us as another resource for finding the right person!

We are always looking for ladies who are good looking and healthy and fit in mind, body and spirit. Women who are accomplished, educated, warm, outgoing, sociable, positive and ready to meet someone for a serious relationship. Is that you? Great! We want to get to know you! Today! There is no cost and no risk to you, and it may change your life.

Below are a couple of questions we get often. If you have different questions, go ahead and shoot us an email.


What does a professional matchmaking agency do?

We are a boutique agency working with (predominantly male) clients on a personal level. Generally speaking, our clients are too busy for online dating. Some are prominent people and public figures who cannot give their personal information to random online dating sites.

Our clients come from all walks of life: the entertainment and tech sectors, creative professionals, business owners, investors, lawyers, doctors or academics. Our clients are generally successful and career driven. They enjoy their individual hobbies and personal interests. Men like them generally don’t “hang out” randomly. They don’t have much time to meet strangers, and their social calendars tends to be full. Still, although they interact with women in daily life, finding one right woman who will love them as a person is often daunting to them.

Our job as their professional dating representatives is to save our clients time, trouble and disappointment. We are our clients’ advocates, advisors and guides on their dating journey. We do most of the networking and filtering for them and introduce a woman only after we have vetted her.

Most of our clients are between the ages of 30 and 65. They are looking for serious relationships, for marriage, or to start a family. The way our clients look at it: if you need something done that’s really, really important, and you can afford to hire an expert, you are much better off hiring an experienced, skilled professional.

What they are looking for is an attractive woman who has a good life, interesting hobbies, virtues, values goals they can share, kind, and beautiful inside and out, a woman who is passionate about something, whether it’s her career, her causes, her hobbies or interests.

Can you introduce me to the Knight In Shining Armor?

Maybe. He might even be our client right now. (Although, we’ve got to be honest: knights only paid attention to the ladies when they weren’t busy fighting or running off to one chivalric quest or another). Really, the straight dope is: there are no guarantees in love and romance. Not even all the money in the world could buy it. (That’s also why it’s so precious). While we can’t guarantee anything, what we will promise is that we will take a peek at what you may have to offer, and what you’re looking for. Then, we can give you an honest assessment. In other words, we are a professional resource that won’t cost you anything other than a little of your time.

Do you have online dating profiles?

Nope. No. Nein. нет! 没有! 番号! We don’t put personal dating information online. Aside from privacy concerns, we just don’t believe that computer algorithms are really good judges of human character and attraction. Online dating involves dealing with lots of junk, and that’s precisely what we try to cut down on.

So what’s my first step?

Same as if you meet anyone of interest: you’d want to get to know the other person. To make this efficient, we ask you to please fill out the questionnaire. Yes, we know: everyone hates filling out forms. But at least it is efficient. Life is short, and we don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time. Again, there is no cost to you. What you tell us about yourself is confidential. We won’t spam you, or try to sell you stuff, and we will use your information only to find a love match for you.

We’ll also need your recent, best photos. Once our matchmakers have your info, they will personally review it and then get it touch with you. If they think they may have a match for you (now or in the future) – congratulations! The next step is an in-person chat.

What should I expect during the interview?

You’ll get an appointment to meet with a matchmaker for 20 – 30 minutes. We prefer to do this at our office (at the edge of Beverly Hills on Robertson), where we can also take some additional pictures if needed. As an alternative, we can set up a video call. All this is by appointment only. Please watch this video to get an idea of what to expect:

What about photos?

The truth is: we are all visual creatures. Images are the first impression. If they are not getting attention, we get passed over within seconds. This is why at Catch, we’re making a big deal about good dating photography. We don’t necessarily expect you to have professional pictures. As long as they match what we’ve learned works, we are good with simple snapshots. Please watch this video to find out more:

Of course, if you do feel professional pictures could help, we can connect you to an experienced dating photographer. (Note: Dating photography is not the same as regular portrait photography).

Photo Session

Do you show your clients all my information?

No. Our matchmakers will first contact you. You’ll get so see his pictures and some information about him. (This does not include his contact info). Only if you want to meet our client, our agency will get in touch with him, show him your pictures and some of your bio. If he declines, we’ll send you our apologies. If he accepts (which we hope), we will assist in arranging a first date for the two of you. (This is where it becomes fun).

If a client is suggested to me, do I have to meet him?

Of course not! (But if there’s at least something about him that interests you, you should give it a chance. Believe us when we say that we have seen romance blossom even when it seemed unlikely at first). The only thing we expect is that you tell us, in a timely fashion, whether you want to meet him or not. A quick response is extremely important. Again, we don’t want to waste your time, his time or our time. (Time wasters are much better off online-dating. It’s way cheaper).

What happens after I accept a date?

If he says “yes” too, great!! Our agency will send you out on a date. This could be anything – drinks, a meal – something else that’s fun. Ideally you have fun, get to know each other, and figure out if you want to see each other again.

What happens after I accept a date?

Oh, the suspense is killing us! The next day or so, the matchmaker wants to hear from both of you individually. We need your feedback! Did you like him? Would you like to see him again? If not, can you give us some helpful information? (This helps us to make future matches for you, and it helps us to guide our client on how to be a better date).

If you both liked each other, fantastic! You are both adults – take it from there. (Our matchmakers will tactfully excuse themselves and leave you two lovebirds to romance each other. We’d love to hear about your wedding. (Or else, we’d love to hear about that that too).

And if you didn’t hit it off on at first date? Sorry, but at least it wasn’t awkward for each of you to have certainty. That’s because as mediators and go-betweens, our matchmakers take the guesswork out of the equation. They’ll get to the bottom of a botched date very quickly and hope to make improvements with the next one.

If you’ve read this far – congratulations! Now we know you are serious! Go ahead, give it a shot and fill out the questionaire!

Other than potential dates with clients, what else can you offer me?

Being part of our community brings many advantages. You may receive invitations to exclusive mixers, parties and dating events.

And, we’ll offer you valuable dating tips and insider information to improve your love life. (After 10 years bringing couples together, our matchmakers have seen pretty much everything. They know what works and what doesn’t).

We are producing a video channel about dating, and we are working on more interesting stuff across our social media, where you can interact with other singles – but we’ll be announcing these things later this year.

As always, we want to be a resource for you, and we’d like nothing more than see you in a happy relationship. This is how, we believe we can make our contribution to make a world a better place.

We can’t buy you love. But we can help catch it for you!