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2020 has been the most eventful year in our company’s history. In March, we were only days away from a big launch party at the Mondrian Hotel, where we were set to share our plans for the future. But COVID caused the cancellation of all events, including our popular speed dating and singles events.

We are dating experts. But when all the typical dating venues closed, we didn’t have many places to send our clients for dates. Since no one knows how long this situation will continue, it was clear that we had to apply what the U.S. Marine Corps teaches: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

We soon found that even a pandemic didn’t diminish the need for human companionship one bit. On the contrary: now more than ever, people are placing value in love and romance. And, more people are willing to set aside distractions and the superfluous, to better focus on what’s real and important.

If this is you, we can help in multiple ways.

We are always networking and researching the best places to go on dates. We are keeping current on the latest health orders. We know what dating spots are open and safe, what the best practices are, and of course, where and how to meet people.

We can guide you with virtual dates, help you to polish your online presence, suggest ways to keep yourself in good spirits and fit for dating. But most importantly: we have realized that dating isn’t just for singles. In fact, our maxim is that nobody should ever stop dating. It is what keeps long term relationships from becoming boring and stale.

The best thing is that we are offering many opportunities and insights without charge.

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We hope you our tips useful.

If you do, and if you’d like to be considered for being matched up with one of our clients, please head on over to the sections Women Seeking Men (or Men Seeking Men). This is free of charge, and all information is confidential.

Do you want to maximize your chance of finding the right partner? Then you should considering becoming a client. This way, our agency will represent you individually, find and introduce you to potential matches, advocate for you, and support and counsel you on every step of the way. In short, you won’t just have a wingman. You’ll get yourself a whole fighter wing.

Interested? Please start either at Matchmaking For Men Seeking Women (or Matchmaking For Men Seeking Men) so we get to learn more about you. (Of course, all information is confidential).