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Matchmaking for Men

Men are our specialtyIf you are like most of our male clients, you’ve spent most of your time on your career or suddenly find yourself starting over with love. You probably didn’t think seriously about finding someone until now. Despite your current success in life, finding love can be tricky and seem elusive. So you want to see if enlisting our help to find someone special would make sense. There isn’t a one size fits all type of search. We want to learn about your life, dating needs, and wants. Then determine together a search term that it will serve you.

Old Art Meets New Tech

We come from a humble and traditional background, where hard work, commitment, and family and cultural traditions were extremely important.  The art of matchmaking, an old fashioned way of bringing two people together for the long term is not only not dying, but thriving despite technology in the palm of everyones hands.  Dating apps and online profiles make people feel disposable and oversimplified to just a checkbox.  May and I saw the need to take matchmaking into the new world and have invested since 2009 in Match Manager, our proprietary system using technology guided by the human touch. Our system allows us to work smart, to identify and organize your needs and wants and compare it against the women’s criteria and quickly get to the real work, which is to narrow down and get to know the women who are your matches.  We get to know each woman and “date” her before you do.  We take the time to find out more about her personality, hobbies, family background and passions. After research and consideration of similar values, life goals, attraction, we will contact you to consider a date.  The fun and easy part starts when you both want to meet. We will take care of the details: time, date, and place.

No Blind Dates

Attraction is very subjective, but the women in our selective network are attractive inside and out so there is nothing to hide. You will see a profile and verified photos of each woman we suggest to you. We will also give you our take on her so you know things from her emotional readiness to how to impress her on a date.

Proven Success

71% of CATCH clients have found success over the past 10 years through May and Katie’s approach which is personal, pragmatic and rooted in cultivating quality potentials . Many of our clients don’t need help meeting women, but recognize that experts can provide a shortcut to the right woman.  Some clients haven’t dated in a while and find that the dating landscape is overwhelming.  Regardless, every client appreciates knowing there is a proven system, clear expectations and matchmakers who work hard in their best interest and get joy from changing lives. We will give you the guidance and support from being an insider in the dating world. You will benefit from honest feedback and personalized information about each woman you meet or how you can improve your odds on the next one.

Power of Suggestion

There are no shortage of what seems like a good match on first glance, only a shortage on your time or only a slim margin to get a special woman’s attention in a big, busy city. Our value as matchmakers is to advocate for you and to get you in front of the right women. While some of our clients are a bit rusty with the current dating scene, some could use a few extra tips. Either way, your type of women feel more comfortable meeting you when they know that we know and like you on a personal level. It will differentiate you from any other available guy, because through our personal recommendation, she will know you are worth the special attention.


I’m a single man and interested in what you offer. How can I become a client of CATCH?
Contact us and fill out a profile so we can learn more about you and the type of woman you’re looking to meet.  We will schedule to meet you in person or over SKYPE to get to know your life, dating goals, and wants.  If you’re interested in becoming a client and we feel we’re a good fit for you, then we’ll invite you to join. Then, the introductions can begin!
Do you accept every man who would like to join?
No. CATCH will interview and approve each male client before we represent him on our client list. We follow a pre-screen and interview the men as well. We are not the right fit for everyone and not everyone is a right fit for us. We will only invite you to join if we feel the women in our database are looking for you as well as you’re looking for them.
What qualities do you look for in your new male clients?
The men we have the most success working with are between the ages of 30-65, single, successful, relationship-minded, outgoing or quiet confidence, intelligent, and healthy. Men who have a good understanding of who they are and the woman they seek and yet open-minded to our suggestions for introductions have the most success with us.
What type of women are in your network?
The women who have been approved to be in our network are between the ages of 21-60. They are attractive, single, healthy-mind, body and spirit, smart, classy, feminine and ready for a wonderful man to share their lives with.
What is the Match Manager Technology?
Our Match Manager Technology is our proprietary matching system based on data and experiences as to the most important qualities two people are seeking.
What cities and areas do you cover?
We currently work with singles in Los Angeles and Orange County. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Santa Monica, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, Anaheim, or Newport Beach and surrounding areas. If you live outside of these areas, we welcome your profile and will let you know when we have clients opened to meeting outside of these areas.
Why don’t you charge women matchmaking fees?
While women do not have an active ongoing search, we are honored to have them in our network to be matched with our male clients. Since 2009, we hear over and over from independent, attractive women that they feel the lines between men and women are so blurred and it’s hard for them to flirt and relax. Traditional values still hold true in dating and romance. May and Katie attribute a large part of creating hundreds of relationships, to the tradition of men asking women out for the first date. Women feel more at ease and feminine when men asks the lady out on the first date and men LOVE that! Women can participate without investing high membership fees and are only matched if they are deemed a good match.
How many introductions will I receive with my 6-month membership?
At CATCH, we believe in quality over quantity. We’ll be sending you only the introductions that align most with your values, passions, desired attributes, lifestyle and goals. Our mission is to send you profiles throughout the month and you meeting at least one to two new introductions a month. You will meet more if you’re open-minded to our suggestions. We send you the women who have said yes to you and are excited to meet you. The number of dates you have each month will depend on the introductions you approve and the women in our network that would like to meet you. When we invite a male client to join us, we feel confident that there will be at least 10-15 women who will want to meet him. Whether he chooses to meet them or not, it’s up to him.
What are the photo requirements?
If you do not have acceptable photos, we will gladly schedule a session with our photographer. We are very particular about the images of our men and women and require everyone in our network to have the best representation of themselves as possible! When you submit an application with poor photos, we often times have difficulty presenting it to the men because we know it is not putting you in the best possible light. Your photos should convey an initial greeting: “Hi, I’m…I’d love to meet you!” (Attractive, Approachable, Sexy, Inviting, Friendly and Warm)

– Color photos of “you” only
– Less than 6 months old photos
– Clear, professional, natural lighting
– Give the appearance of how you would show up for a date
– One head-shot and one full-length

– Selfies
– Sunglasses or hats
– Alcohol/party atmosphere
– Friends/family in photo
– Scenery photo of you (hiking, running, or far away shot)

Online dating and apps have created a lazy, selfie environment so we encourage and invite singles to step it up with CATCH. We offer a photo package at a reduced rate for network. A session with our photographer in a city close to you is $300. You pay for the session and we’ll email you to find a time/place that works. So easy and fun. You also get 2-3 wardrobe changes, professional tips on how to pose, guidance to put you at ease, and screen resolution downloads of your photos. RSVP today and we’ll help you get better results for your dating profile, whether you use matchmaking services or do online dating.

Photo Session