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Katie Chen

CEO and experienced matchmaker Katie Chen is a natural born networker. Her genuine interest in people combined with her sparkling personality grant her an audience everywhere she goes.

Katie graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a BA in Psychology and Economics. For the next eight years, she held a successful career in management for a 12-billion dollar company, where she focused on cultivating her expertise in business leadership.

Fascinated by human relationships, the philosophy of happiness, and interested in entrepreneurship, Katie recognized the need for a personalized approach to finding a life partner. Today, Catch Matchmaking offers targeted services that cannot be duplicated by online dating algorithms. Katie applies her background in and people skills to help singles find their best match.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys studying traditional martial arts and budo philosophy, hiking, movie classics, Big Band music, good food, new technologies, and old wine. Her motto (this month): “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

You can email Katie or call her at (310) 876-2291

Mason Glenn

Mason is a Community Manager at Catch Matchmaking working with both men and women. A recognized dating expert, Mason has written many articles on the topic of dating and relationships, participated in panel discussions, podcasts, radio programs and videos.

He is a best-selling author that offers an astute perspective to true connection in the full spectrum of a gay man. Mason has been consistently inspired and intrigued by the thought process of gay men in their dating practices.

Also, as a professional matchmaker, for many years, Mason has been able to transform the lives of individuals to feel the full capacity of unconditional love. Intuition has been his gift, and he gathers that through the study of the human mind, and collecting quantitative and qualitative data from his professional experiences. There’s always some involvement of some street smarts too, and Mason is able to create a comprehensive dating plan that brings transformational success from all of these variables collectively. 

Mason continues to write, and work with matchmaking companies as an expert in the gay male demographic. Mason also leads seminars that hopefully resonates as a “gayme” changer for the individuals who wish to seek something that will make them better gay men for themselves, their loved ones, and their fellow community.

His motto (this month): “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary” (Oscar Wilde)

You can email Mason or call him at (323) 786-2850