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Adam L of Los Angeles

August 12, 2014 0 Comments

Hi Gals,

Thanks for the input/feedback from the dates I had as well as follow-ups with myself with your team. With each date, new profile, in addition to my own endeavours, I found myself in the cusp of the secretary problem. Almost with each new girl, they would have qualities of the previous girl plus some more that are on my list of ‘nice to haves’. We were progressing in the right direction, however, it seems that having been blessed with having strong and awesome women in my life has made finding the right girl much more difficult.

I don’t know if perhaps your matchmaking team could have slapped me into reality or told me what’s it’s really like in the real world, that would’ve perhaps made finding/choosing/keeping a girl a bit easier. Unfortunately for me, most everyone I know has told me they are with their ‘one’ and they just knew. Cliche, yes, but this disneyfication and rom-com driven ideal of finding the one is a journey I unknowingly embarked on when I was a youngster, and I was forced to watch Molly Ringwald, Christian Slater, John Cusack style movies.

Perhaps I need a dating coach? or a therapist? Haha.

Either way, it was fun and definitely more enjoyable than the online dating sites I’ve tried, and definitely a big time saver for me too. I’ve recommended you guys to several people I’ve met, as they are busy professionals and have also grown weary of the online dating sites. Hope they chose you guys.

Thanks for you and your teams’ help.

Adam, 36, Downtown Los Angeles

Adam met 10 women through our service during his membership with us. Though we didn’t help him find the one (yet), he is hopeful and has learned a lot about himself in the dating process.

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